[Simonseries] Thoughts: Working on the Weekends


Fridays people will exclaim: ‘TGIF!!’, because the weekends are here and most of us will have our time off from work, where we spend most of lives doing. But there are times when I too have to work on the weekends.

My job is mostly routine diagnostic work in a hospital lab, and hospitals don’t just shut down over the weekends. I’m lucky when I applied for this lab job, I didn’t get posted to a lab that opens 24/7, even so this weekend I happen to need to come back to work.

We work on a roster but because of the extra overtime income, I’m one of the regulars who wants to take the weekend duties. Its just my way to earn extra without moonlighting. And although most of my colleagues think its a bloody pain to come back to work on weekends, I kinda look at it in a different way. Sure coming back over the weekend sucks, but then its so quiet in the lab it doesn’t feel like working. No one there to distract you, just yourself and the work. Its therapeutic.

I would play some of my music which is very different from what you hear from our local radio, and slave on, happily though, through my duty. And my number one joy is the close proximity between work and my new found favourite coffee place. I would get a takeaway cup of excellent coffee and just relax outside my lab (no food and drinks allowed in the lab, for good reasons) and just relax before I start, or just drop by the coffee place before heading home.

Its such a relaxing day that I often go home refreshed and recharged instead of feeling worn out with work.

It is very sad now that I can’t be doing this as often as I want, because of some internal transferring of manpower, I’ll no longer be paid overtime for doing weekend duties, so I am taken out of the roster.

It is strange, people usually avoid working on weekends but as for me, as long as I’m free, I rather be working like this at my own pace. I’ll still get work done right? It’ll all be okay, just not done asap.

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Happy weekend guys