Braces journey – 1year 1month+

It’s THAT scary how fast time flies. Bu zhi Bu jue I have worn braces for 13 months!

I was looking at my old photos and ok la, my teeth really moved alot. So I should stop complaining and be contented.

I took this photo when I was about 2months into this journey? I was super depressed and self-conscious about my looks that time. NOT THAT I AM NOT NOW. LOL!
 photo 149835_4247538141159_121695571_n_zps9b8a0ed6.jpg

So now it has been 13months, and my teeth are straight, not really properly aligned and still got gaps, but I believe it will get better and better and better until one day I can finally hear my dentist tell me yes, weiting your teeth are ready and after I removed it, I will step out of the dental clinic and look at my bf and give him the best smile ever and captured his heart once more….. yes I am that imaginative. This is what I have been longing for!! I really hope I can has killer smile!!

 photo 1302_10200836210202020_1758395876_n_zpse16423ca.jpg

I hope I will look pretty without that metal stuffs, would I? o.O

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