It’s MFP Korea month!

Wow wow wow, it’s MFP korea month and MFP is going to highlight everything about Korea! Myfatpocket even went to Korea to document plastic surgery and aesthetics procedures first hand, you can refer to here ->

As I’m also crazy about Korea, I’m sharing some of my favourite articles here!


– Would you go for cosmetic surgery to feel better about yourself? I definitely will man. It’s just that I’m scared!


– Pretty interesting article! I admire her illustrations!


– hahahhaha! Jeju loveland is so fun with all the funny sex sculptures!


 photo 7-dating-in-south-korea-seoulistic_zps090eea9b.jpeg


 photo dsc00139_zps9ea5a2c9.jpeg


– Reading the above 3articles, I WANT TO GO SEOUL!

 photo yeon2_zps8d570e48.jpeg


– I read about this woman before, and she’s really awesome please!! So fit and look so young! grrrrr..

 photo korean-girl_zps0620b4ae.jpeg


– This is a good read, didn’t know they can be so many other things…

 photo CL-GQ-4_zps4e7f273a.jpeg


– CL IS HOT plssssssss!


“In South Korea, factors such as the high cost of raising and educating children and intense competition for top white-collar jobs have resulted in more adults staying single for longer and having fewer children when they do wed”

article featuring Park Shin Hye toooo!

Hope you enjoy the articles as much as I do! ๐Ÿ™‚

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