Launch of the new Tsubaki (NC) Collection

I’ve got hairloss problem and I am very careful with the type of shampoo I used. Conditioner is okay but shampoo definitely a no-no. Once I used the wrong shampoo, I get dandruffs, oily hair and even more hair gone.

I’ve found a way to fight my hair problem. Mon-friday I used hairloss shampoo, and weekends I used the normal shampoo, usually Dove. But of cos I’m diligently taking my pills la. So now I’ve started using Tsubaki and so far so good, I like it!

It was a very colorful and happy event, and the best thing I was there with Shiella and I met alot of MFP bloggers! woohooo!

We were asked to hang our hair woes on a miniature tree/plants or sorts, and write our name on it. and curse me I guess I lost the picture! -_-
And then we were asked to take polaroid and decorate our own polaroids!

 photo IMG_20130610_184812_zpsce4f0b67.jpg
Actually I very shy one. 😛

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 photo IMG_20130610_184729_zps5e2ebcd8.jpg
Some of the bloggers..
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cos we are sisters and we looked tired together -_-

Tsubaki has been leading the hair care market in Japan with a record total number of shipments of over 270 million units. It is valued as a brand created to serve the beauty of Japanese women’s hair while enhancing the attractiveness of Japanese women.

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Tsubaki’s new findings are that Damage from exposure to UV or heat causes a loss of melanin within the hair fiber, and loss of melanin holes leads to lost of shine and luster. Is that the reason why my hair is so dull. 🙁 I care too much about skin and I neglect my hair. urgh…

The new Tsubaki contains Arginine, the hair melanin hole repair ingredient. This allow light rays to penetrate the hair shaft & to be reflected beautifully, resulting in a lustrous, dullness-free shine.

We were showed a video whereby hair was shining after the use of Tsubaki shampoo! GOSH damn amazinggggg!!

 photo 20130610_195301_zps83a11a4d.jpg

The new launch also contain UV protective ingredient, to cut daily UV radition and protect hair from UV damage. They also integrates carefully selected camellia oil, which repairs the cuticle. This smoothes and soften the hair fiber which allows beautiful light reflection with shininess.

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I’ll talk more about this since I got this!

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nom nom desserts

There were also painting session & memory games!! Gosh so embarrassing, I didn’t even complete mine! Shiella say she is noob about that game but she got it within 30secs or so!

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My consolation gift! hahaha.

 photo 20130610_195157_zpsac3e590e.jpg

Actually I like the new packaging very much, super pretty leh I feel, no?

 photo 20130610_190327_zps110b9eb4.jpg

 photo 20130610_190309_zps988f0d30.jpg

There are 3hair range, Shining, Damage Care & Head Spa.

It was a wonderful event and I have the courtesy to try their new Damage Care range! 😀

 photo SAM_1149_zps6d2df848.jpg

Damage Care Shampoo features Arginine and is blended with selected Camellia oil, which gives hair shine. Contains Tsubaki Amino for penetrative repair and Camellia repair butt for hair repair & moisture.

There are conditioner, treatment and hair mask under damage range too. Pretty lucky to got this set, cos my hair is really damaged until cannot damaged.

It has a very pleasant, refreshing and calming scent. I’m already using it and so far so good, I didn’t experience hair loss, meaning my scalp is okay with it. After the use of shampoo and conditioner, my hair became soft and smooth. I’m going to continue to use it, and I might just get the treatment and mask sooner or later. 😉

You might want to give this try too if you have damage hair?

Thank you Tsubaki for having me at your event, and I like your new range. 😀