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I’m answering to the question to where you can get hulahoops, and how long to play and how to play it.

The current one that I’m using I bought it from



, the other day I just went there and cant find it anymore. But i saw another type which is like this..


got massage effect one i guess.

You can also get this at

Mustafa Shopping Centre

As for paragon one right, it’s on the highest floor, I can’t remember if the shop name is Motion sports or it’s the one beside it, but if you see one sports shop with all types of sports related stuffs, then it’s the one. It’s about $30+ i think?

As to how do you play it, this is hard to answer because you need to get the momentum in order to continue shaking.
No matter what practice makes perfect so you just have to keep trying.

And to play for how long?
Start out half an hour then after that an hour. When you know how to shake den it’s super easy!
Try shaking everyday if possible while watching tv =)

Do tell me if it works!

If you get blue black from the hulahooping den please stop and rest. Or maybe you can start out with lighter ones first, they also got light ones in the shop, go check it out! =)

2 thoughts on “How to lose weight article P14

  1. I got the same hula hoop from mustafa.. And manage to master it within few minutes, am proud of myself. But i got blue black after playing with it. haha… is it normal? Will there always be blue black coming back every time i play with it? Do you experience it yourself?

    hahha im proud of you too! i had blue black before but it went away over time. is it very painful for you?

  2. It was painful for the first two days when i have the bruise :3.. but it is so much better now. But i guess the blue black will need few days to be gone. I guess i will have to wait for it to subside in order to use it again. And i must say hula hoops is really fun!

    ahha yeah its fun! where did you get urs?? yah u better rest first, take care dear =)

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