How to lose weight article P7: interesting diet facts!

Colors and food, how are they linked?

I happened to read this article from a particular website which I can’t remember where that colors can actually affect your appetite!

And the color blue actually functions as an appetite suppressant! (now i know why xinyi always cant finish her food :X)

come to think of it, i’ve never been to a blue restaurant.

Other than the usual fav colors of mine, next is blue. But I realized i dun see blue when i eat!

Do you see blue utensils and plates/bowls? no right..

even the plates and bowls in my house are not blue in color!!

You ever see a blue cake before? seldom, usually cupcakes.

erm okay,, blue drinks are quite common though.. but i dont really see people order blue drinks? okay la maybe got, but not the majority?

im like talking to myself (cos im really thinking…)

haha okay i decided that im gonna try this blue thing once.

I shall wear blue, and bring a blue bag, and probably put a blue cloth on my dining table next time im out eating! and see if this ‘blue miracle’ really works!

Will you try this out? tell me about it okay if you try! HAHA.

side note: red, yellow, and orange actually encourage eating so ermmm.. AVOID!!!!

i’ve got alot of things i need to blog which ive got no time, omg. and tml dental appt yay!

4 thoughts on “How to lose weight article P7: interesting diet facts!

  1. Really blue color is appetite suppressant color. If you are planning to lose weight and weight loss diet is not possible for you then eat food which is served in blue plate or make your refrigerator light blue.

  2. Wow! I never would have thought of that, and I actually HAVE blue plates! Maybe that’s why blueberries keep people so full? Or why I never get the gumption to actually eat them? I am definitely experimenting with this. Thanks fr the post!!!

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