Weightloss: Healthy DIY exotic meals

Yes darlings, i know i know i know. Very long already right for this topic. I have been so unhealthy for the past few months that I don’t even know what to blog about.. But I guess I’m sort of back to my healthy lifestyle again!

I love preparing my own meals and I love to cook for others, but I’m ALSO very worried it would taste bad that’s why I always procastinate, another issue is the time. No time how to cook? People just don’t understand how busy I am. Although busy is super subjective.

Alright, playing with food is my forte. Let’s see what I ‘ve been doing.

If you wanna make your own healthy meal, always make sure you have SALT & PEPPER.
This 2 will never go wrong, and you can mix with almost everything. ehhh Almost la.. lol!

I will try out more and share with you guys!

My first try.. Red grapes, with tuna in olive oil. Taste pretty good surprisingly! Healthy and low calories too! One grape is about 2-3 calories? haha. photo IMG_20130726_075956_zps11a9e68d.jpg

2nd try.. eggwhites with weetameal, weetameal is my fav biscuit, low calorie and helps me to curb my cravings! Jacob weetameal I bet you see it before. This resulted in a crunchy sandwich! 😀 I always eat weetameal with jam and oatmeal too!

 photo IMG_20130803_075400_zpsbad02800.jpg

3rd try.. egg whites and oats, this is a weird combi becos I’m kinda scared hahaa. But it tastes okay! Tell you already as long as you got salt and pepper, you can be a great cook and own the world.

 photo IMG_20130817_083653_zps26d2080a.jpg

looks nice hor?

and I end my post with my 4th try.. Yogurt and oats!
I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Easy peasy and chewy chewy! Lovely hehehe.

 photo IMG_20130820_090522_zpse8dd4676.jpg

Let me know if you try any one of them ok! HAHAHA. But please don’t put too much salt :O

Hope it helps your diet!