Menya Musashi Ramen

To do list checked again! Visited Menya Musashi! hehehe.

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ChaShu salad for $8.90. Not bad, quite filling, but quite jelat for the meat.

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The ‘BLACK TIGER’ ramen, the soup is rather thick and viscous. I like it alot but can be very thirsty after drinking too much. lol! I LOVE THE TAO KI!!!
Okay as usual desserts after meal, but because I’m special I had it before meal. So here’s my surprise from Bebe, hehehe. Cos I’m so cranky and grumpy lately that he surprised me with Royce Chocs!

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It’s quite hard for my weak teeth, but I love it, cos it’s not too sweet, and it’s super nutty plus it tastes like FERRERO ROCHER. Alright I’m sold. 😀

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Can’t wait for 26th October JAPAN JAPAN JAPAN!!