Hey! 😀 I’m gonna share with you guys some of the diets I’ve tried before throughout my weight loss period as you guys should know i’ve lost about 40kgs before.

1st: Fruits diet

Which I eat only 3green apples a day.  This diet claimed that one will be able to lose 2kgs in 3days, i did lose 2kgs in 3days and I continue this diet for about 2weeks, i forgot how much kgs i lost because after this 2weeks, i ate back doubled the amount and i gained all back!

cons: food deprived, depressed, lethargic, lack of energy, not enough nutrients, and u gain it all back after suffering -.-

2nd: Green tea diet

By drinking green tea, (polka greentea) everyday, only tea and water nothing else. Continue for 2weeks and I finally fainted one day. :O

cons: food deprived, depressed, isolate oneself, not enough nutrients, lack of energy, and gain it all back again.

3rd: 800calories diet

Basically your daily intake should be under 800calories (asked me if you want a sample meal plan)

cons: feels weak, slow metabolism, and one day you will start to binge again. 🙁

Anyone of you tried other diets before and worked well? Share with me!

But I want to emphasize that diets are not good, because you will become very lethargic, depressed and moody, and also you are doing harm to your body, because of dieting, I’m malnutrition now and resulted in hair loss and etc..

Just eat normal people, or maintain it at the 1500calories intake and exercise! 🙂

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