Slim down w Claire: Binge eating

Last post I wrote about controlling cravings and today I talked about binge eating. Very contradicting but I cant help it.

Its my third semester right now. As usual whenever school starts I eat more cos Im very stress. And where did this stress come from? Me.

RMIT. Pass can already what? Score so high for what? Its not like it will help you in your resume or whatever.. But I can’t help it. It’s my personal goals. It’s not because I want my cert to look good (not as if it will) .

Everything seems different nowadays, this new life is abit weird. I also realized that it’s getting hard for me to control my cravings now. Isit because Im getting old? πŸ™ I really hope it’s just stress. Can’t wait for 2015 to be over!!

My exercise routine didn’t really change and in fact lesser -.- but im eating and craving more grrrr..

I also realized that fats are moving to other areas, previously they gathered at my thighs now they go to my arms and stomach! Not sure isit due to my lipo…

Stomach still ok leh but arms… Omgoodness..

I want to start eating healthier. I have been bingeing lately, too much stress going on. Im like having a battle with myself, almost every night I have nightmare. Like Just the other day I woke up crying like mad.. Haizz

I read somewhere before if you smile more, you will feel happier. So I’m constantly reminding myself. Smile more claire.

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Lets jiayou controlling our appetite, I don’t want to gain weight!