[Simonseries] My small shopping haul from USA is HERE!!

Recently I splurged on some stuff from the USA.

I’ve always like to buy some random brands stuff that you can’t find here locally and some of those stuff are stuffs from Poler Stuff.

I bought a couple of enamel mugs, a tee shirt, two trucker caps, and a knife. LOL yeah I like knifes!

 photo _jpegIMG_0613_zps073b2710.jpg

Its not a lot of stuff actually. I’ve always wanted to buy all the enamel mugs Poler designs but at this point of time only this pair of ‘camp vibes’ mugs are available. Well its their sale period so all the stocks are low.

 photo _jpegIMG_0720_zps28e8bf57.jpg

The knife on the other hand is something I got from another online store. Its an Opinel No.8 Stainless Steel knife. Apparently this brand has a long history, the company existed since 1890 and had been making these little masterpieces till now. Its very well made for its price and I really liked its simple yet functional design. Its called a ‘peasant’s knife’ but comparing its quality with other cheap mass-produced knifes from the country up north I think its difference is miles apart. I always have this knife in my bag nowadays as its really lightweight, I use it as a general purpose utility knife mostly, stabbing non-living things like letters etc.

 photo _jpegIMG_0663_zpsadaec709.jpg

I’m quite into camping equipments but haven’t really been out camping much. But that still didn’t stop me from getting them equipments and fantasizing myself camping in the woods by a lake cooking stew and grinding fresh coffee. Although till now its all just in my head only. LOL But I can still buy all those stuff and be a poseur first, right? This is the first step to me embracing this kind of ‘outdoor-ish hobby’. Thats why I bought a T-shirt too, LOL.

 photo _jpegIMG_0719_zps152a828a.jpg

To complete the look ya? LOL.

Well this exploration thingy I’ve really been too lazy to do it recently. Despite taking a week off work and the recent CNY long weekend… Can you guys believe it? I wasted my life away holed up in my room all day all night? OK lah I did go out to do grocery shopping and meet some friends for dinner.. But the entire daylight hours wasted at home. I guess I just didn’t feel like going out during those times. Lost my motivation, well pretty much. And went back to how I was like in the past, the hikikomori lifestyle, my true form.