[Simonseries] Coffee Addict visits Highlander Coffee

I love coffee, milk coffee that is. Café Latte, Café Au Lait, Flat white, Cappuccino, basically any coffee with milk.

Recently I’ve mentioned that the place with the best coffee is Nylon Coffee Roasters. I loved their simple white coffee, they come in 3 sizes and they all consist of a single shot of espresso, just the volume of steamed milk differs. That means the S M L, 3oz 5oz 7oz as they call them, has increasing volume of steamed milk added to a shot of espresso.

I’ve been dragging my colleagues there a couple times already but its quite a long walk from my lab to Nylon, even though a few of them shares the same love of Nylon’s coffee, we all admit that its a long and sweaty ordeal. So I suggested another place to visit in the vicinity.

 photo _jpegIMG_0654_zps5402837b.jpg

Highlander Coffee: according to their website, they also roast their own coffee beans and they even offer courses about coffee. They offer more varieties on their menu and that appeals to some of my non-coffee addict colleagues and Claire as well.

Its just a perhaps 5mins walk from one of our usual lunch place within the hospital, so everyone’s up for it.

 photo _jpegIMG_0651_zps66600912.jpg

After drinking a nice flat white from there. I have to say, its good. I almost always order a flat white wherever and whenever possible. After years of drinking different types of espresso based coffee, I settled on flat whites. According to Wikipedia, flat white is invented in Australia and further developed in New Zealand. It consist of a shot of espresso topped with fine velvety steamed milk in a 150ml cup. I find this combination to be the perfect balance.

Now if I have to grade the coffees I had from different places recently, mostly based on the flat whites i had or cappuccinos if the whites are not available, it will go as follows:

Starbucks: 3-5/10
Coffee Bean: 5/10
MacDonald’s: 2-4/10 (very inconsistent, sometimes its so-so, sometimes its sewage)
Spinelli’s: 6/10
Cozy Corner Coffee: 1/10 (maybe its the takeaway cups they use, it tasted like sewage!!)
Georgia Vending machine: 3/10
Nylon Coffee Roasters: 10/10 (best I’ve tasted to date)
Highlander: 8/10 (its good, seriously, but maybe just not to my taste)

Awww… Highlander was good, the flat white I had was a nice full bodied espresso topped with mildly sweet steamed milk. The balance was good, it was almost perfect, BUT perfect to me now already belongs to Nylon’s. Nylon spoiled my taste buds. :p