When Im alone..

Done with my assignments for this semester and I’m back here to chat with you. I kinda miss the days where I go for photo shoot and filming to fill up this space, now here seems so boring..

I also missed my whiny self, I missed acting like a kid. Now I’m always angry..
I want to do some videos but just don’t have the mood.. But anyway this July I’m going HongKong with Joyce. I’m very excited BECAUSE I have never go on a trip with a friend!!

At the same time I feel shitty because I have never plan for a trip before. -_-
I think maybe I should also start playing with my camera too..

I really hate the fact that I’m not independent at all. Now I’m like going back to when I was 18years old. But at least I dare to eat alone. I went to Coffee bean one day and have my lunch alone, it felt awesome. Now I have all the space and time I want. I have to do the things that I’ve always wanted to do, even though I do feel old now.. πŸ™ but YOLO la who cares my age right. lol

I had some quesadilla
 photo IMG_4729_zps1lghfvxj.jpg

and berry tea
 photo IMG_4728_zpsaeo7ndkn.jpg

I do missed making videos alot, but I just have to find back the right mood. Somemore I got my vice3, I haven’t even do a makeup tutorial using that. :/ soon la okay..

I need to do things that make me happy!!

Okay I shall end here today, need to think what to do next.. and talk to you in my next post. πŸ™‚