How to lose weight article p9 – Lose more by eating right!

BUSY BUSY BUSY SO BUSY! exams, fyp and all kind of stuffs! HAIZ! can’t even celebrate my birthday =( yes HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


Lose more by eating right in the morning? What do I mean by that?

I don’t know if it only applies to me or the majority but I realized whenever I eat tidbits in the morning, I tend to eat more in the afternoon and night.


Morning I eat chips.

afternoon i feel like eating chocolates, more snacks, more kuehs, more unhealthy food.

Somehow I’m like this, does it apply to you too?

But if I eat right in the morning, i tend to eat right in the afternoon and night too!


Morning I eat oatmeal.

afternoon I feel like eating sandwich, dinner feel like eating light.


This is like a chain effect, basically a psychological effect I guess.

When you start your day by eating healthy, you won’t want to eat bad food in the afternoon and night because you might feel that, that would be a waste to your healthy eating in the morning, BUT

if you start your day by eating junk, you may just continue eating since in the first place you are not even putting in effort at all.

So YOU SHOULD EAT HEALTHY AND NUTRITIOUS FOOD IN THE MORNING! So you will continue that in the afternoon and night, and as day goes by, you will eat healthier and get a slimmer bod!

wanted to train back my abs but now exam period again so means that I need to stop halfway..

Okay anyway, alot of people have been saying i look really skinny now BUT IN FACT I’M ALREADY EATING ALOT! I used to be 52kg stagnant, but now im at 47-48kg. I’ve tried eating alot and I mean really alot, and maybe will go up to 49kg, but a few days later it will go down again. I also did a measurement of my metabolic rate, it is 16 or 18years old I can’t remember, AND I USED TO BE 21years old for my metabolic rate.

What I can only say is probably my metabolism became better, i think they burn fats faster now. And i never run at all, remember i always say GO BRISK WALK, it’s stupid but hell i swear, it works!

and other than briskwalk, i do pilates and yoga, and that’s it, okay lor sometimes i will go fitness corner to play with the cross trainer. HAHA and that’s that.

so go and briskwalk GO!!!

i will answer the formspring questions, emails and etc soon, sorry really busy =(

6 thoughts on “How to lose weight article p9 – Lose more by eating right!

  1. Dear Claire, I am impressed by your determination, admire your courage. I used to be 90 over kg too and am born big and manage to lose 18kg in 6mths through eatiing more and slim more. I totally agree withwhat you say abt proper diet should not by starving but by eating complete and balanced meal. This is because starving would only burn your muscle and reduce metabolism further and in the end store more fats.

    Thumbs up for our success! Cheers and you are very pretty now!, 🙂

    thank you vicky! =) jiayou!!

  2. You are correct. That’s what happened to me when I start to changed my diet and the result is fantasy…See my photo posted at . My success to lose weight depend much on the diet control and I believed that this help a lot of people who tried to lose weight by exercising but can’t see much result

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