Steps to a flat tummy!

Blog posted based on my own experience, and other resources will be quoted with links. *I’m not a professial nutritionist, I’m just sharing what i know*


lets work hard togetherΒ  to get a flat tummy people, due to the stress from exams and pms, my tummy is also bloated now. well i dont think i need to upload a picture of my bloated tummy right πŸ˜›

I have been staying up late, like 4am or even later because I was studying for my exams. And during this period, I’ve been snacking non-stop. For instance, yesterday i ate pistachio nuts, cashew nuts, gummy bears, chocolate marie biscuits! >< OMG. HOW TO SLIM DOWN LIKE THIS? Another thing is that I’m supposed to be healthy but I couldn’t control my appetite when it’s exam period, and not to forget PMS! πŸ™ I’ve gained some mass, well that’s sad tsk. And furthermore, I haven’t been exercising like what? WEEKS? maybe not that exaggerated, but yeah…. ):

So it’s time for me to work hard and get back into shape! *im thinking of going bintan and i dun wanna forget the existence of my bikini*

I will share the TIPS that I managed to get that flat tummy as per above now!

DIET PLAYS A VERY IMPORTANT ROLE HERE ( i will talk about diet today first!)

1) Firstly, FIBRE

– Yes I’m talking about diet here. HAHA. I think i start to hear things like, “aiyo sian, diet again?” Haha. Don’t worry guys, the diet I’m talking about is eating healthily. For weight loss, fibre and protein is very important.
– I think the right amount of fibre intake per day should be about 25g? Fibre aids in your digestive system and the best thing is that it helps to keep you full longer! You will go to the toilet frequently and help to cleanse your intestines!

– It’s easy to incorporate fibre into your daily diet, you just need to substitute white bread with wholemeal bread or even best, multigrain bread, grains are good for your heart as well. Aimed for at least 3.5g of fiber per serving for bread.- Eat wholemeal spaghetti instead of the normal ones.
– Have brown rice instead of white rice (well this is actually optional)
– Oats are a good choice as well.

2) Protein

Protein gives you energy. Increase your muscles mass and at the same time increase the metabolism of oneself. It helps you to burn more fats and calories. Good protein are egg whites, nuts (control the intake), and fish is definitely a good choice of protein.

3) Fats

Who says you have to abstain from fats intake if you wanna lose weight? You just need to differentiate what is good and bad fats.
DO NOT eat saturated fats, most of these come from processed food (which is also high in sodium), snacks like potato chips, biscuits, chocolates ( dark chocolates are good though in moderate amount) and etc.
Eat the good fats which are from nuts, natural nuts and not the one with sugar coated or salty ones. Use extra virgin olive oil in cooking instead of the other oils like the knife brand! *omg*

4) Cut down on sugars and salt

I don’t drink fruit juice, because it is very high in sugar content, eat the real fruits instead, the vitamins are more and it contains natural sugar! High in salt would results in water retention! And you would have a really bloated tummy.

5) Drink more water

Drink alot of water to but not more than 2litres a day if you are inactive. Too much of water would cause bloatedness. I experienced it myself.

6) LASTLY, eat 5meals a day!

Most of the people eat 3meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, to get your metabolism going, you should eat smaller meals throughout a day, a big breakfast is a must, followed by a mid morning snack if you got time, a moderate lunch, and next a after noon snack, and lastly, a light dinner!

For snack wise, you could have fruits or yogurt which are healthier.

This is what I could remember for now, lets adjust our diet first and i will be posting more probably the next few days, sorry for the late updates, i owe alot i know πŸ˜›

6 thoughts on “Steps to a flat tummy!

  1. I’m considered SLIM. But I’ve 2 layers of tummy fats. πŸ™ I don’t really understand your guide OR rather it’s hard for me to follow your guide here. πŸ™ Hula-hoop can slim down tummy fats? πŸ™‚

    1. hello babe! do crunches πŸ™‚
      and hulahooping start from 30mins a day, and gradually increasing πŸ™‚

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