How to lose weight article Part 12!

I FEEL SO STRESS! I can’t think of a proper topic to talk about this week! If you guys want, please leave me more questions so I can blog about it. HAHA. I already get alot of questions to be honest. haha.

By the way I’m not a weightloss guru, I’m just sharing what I know and what I’ve gone through! So if there’s anything medical related one, pls pls pls consult a doctor!

Since I don’t know what to blog about this week, I shall talk about my GREEN TEA DIET.
I got quite a few questions on this, like how many kilos I lost with this diet, how I got to know about this diet, what’s the drastic effect etc.

GREEN TEA DIET. Sounds healthy hor? But it’s so bad that I will never try it again and PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY IT!

I’m going to edit this post to cover up the details of my green tea diet in case you guys adopt the method. and thanks to the reader who notify me!

Qns: How did you get to know about this ‘GREEN TEA DIET’?

Ans: I didn’t do any research, I just thought of it and just try it. Cos at that point of time I love that green tea so just randomly I picked it as my diet drink. It’s not because it’s low in fat or whatsoever, i just chose it becos at that point of time i love drinking that.

I don’t know if this diet exists or not. But i hope in future people will google ‘CLAIRE LIM’S GREEN TEA DIET’ haha! but please dont ever try it. NO NO NO.

Qns: How did you have the energy to do things?

Ans: no energy AT ALL. It was my school holiday period, so i just lie on my sofa, on my bed for whole 2freaking weeks.

Qns: What was the ‘side effects’?

Ans: Insomnia, i cant sleep at night, and i wake up quite early every day cos im hungry. I drop alot of hair, and I feel damn deprived of food.

Qns: Did your boobs shrink?


I thinkkkk that’s about it. and on the 14th day I fainted at home and hit my chin, then bleed. That’s when I realized I need to stop this shit diet.

So please don’t ever take up this diet!

I don’t understand why people comment that seeing me slim now will make people want to lose weight more. I MEAN YES LAH THEY WILL WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT BUT I EMPHASIZED ON SLIMMING DOWN HEALTHILY RIGHT. Since when i emphasized on dieting drastically!?


So if you have more questions do ask me through email (, leave down comments (yes i will not show it if you req), or ask on formspring (on the right, click and you will go to my formspring) =)


2 thoughts on “How to lose weight article Part 12!

  1. I don’t think it’s wise to write about the detail of this kind of diet. You’ve been highlighted a few times that this kind of diet is not safe and you won’t do it anymore, but your post somehow show the opposite. I believe people asked you a detail question because they want to do the diet. And you give them a detail information about how to do it. My humble suggestion, if you want to write anything about weight loss, please ask yourself ‘will this information bring benefit to others?’

    It’s the same as saying that suicide is a foolish thing to do, but then after few days you write a post about ’10 ways to take your life easily, without pain’.

    Just my two cent.

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