Mylife – Lower braces


Yes, I mentioned that I will blog about my lower braces. If you wanna know the price, the procedure and etc please click here. 🙂

So…. the lower braces was a really bad experience, I got terrible ulcers which cut my lips, bleed and caused my lips to swell. I have to put on wax that make the lips even more swollen.

And after the ulcer has recovered, I still have to continue putting on the wax to prevent another ulcer zzz. So make my lips abit unbalanced.

And now got another issue that I’m unhappy with. My upper teeth. I think it’s being done on purpose. BUT I REALLY DUN LIKE LEH. ok caution ugly photo. I think i really like to post ugly photos, is it good cos im sharing? or you guys will leave me cos i post ugly photos? HAHA. ok nvm la sharing is caring. let’s see!



so now you know how crooked is my teeth right. and how angle can make someone chio and ugly. LOLOLOLOLOL!

The reason why i circle that tooth is because i think it’s being pull up so that the left side (inner one) can be pull out. I don’t mind la seriously cos you have to pull out the inner one to make them straight BUTTTT it’s making my lips more protruding and I’m getting annoyed!! This is my assumption la 8/8 i will check with my dentist again =(

And please forget the above photo. thank you.

I really hope the teeth can move faster, i think my teeth is quite complicated, cos have to pull in and out in and out. And really pray that the tightening won’t be painful :/

I will update on my braces journey when i can see really significant changes as compared to day 1 =) any information you want to get from me just leave a comment or email me!


another photo of me with the unbalanced lips..

i love this top im wearing =)

how to lose weight article this sunday, stay tuned <3