Mylife – crazy

backtrack post!

no more dark colored hair!

a photo in the lift Blk 5 SGH lol! this is the day i visited him. the night before his op!

wore this top that le bf bought for me, hope he would feel happier seeing me wearing what he buys for me haha

I had dinner with his parents, and after that came back and his dinner is there too!

cute or what hahaa.

this guy very lucky B2 no space, he got upgraded to B1, that time i stay C class leh, LOL i also want aircon leh, but please i hope we don’t need to stay in hospital again.

after i do my rj, i got sleepy and i lie down with him on his bed! HAHA

i request to take photos before I leave, im actually very worried and sad in this picture, cos i can’t be there inside to hold his hand during his op. and i cant be the first to see him when he wakes up after the op, so i feel very sad and sian.

I know he is worried but he put on a brave front because he dun want me to be worried, *annoyed*

Anyway if you guys know me, usually things that happened already I will write it down and share it. Cos it’s already over and I can’t do anything about it, be it good or bad, just like my weight loss thing, people ask me why i dare to post my old photos, i thought, why not? lol.

Okay, so what happened on his op day was that I broke down in school, I behaved like a weird girl that day and when my supervisor talked to me, i don’t even know how to answer or handle, and when he starts asking around what happened to me, that’s when I broke down. I think i’m very weak, i should know how to separate personal issues and school issues. But I can’t cos i feel the heavy pressure weighing down on me and really feel very stress at this point of time.

There’s exams, there’s FYP, there’s report, there’s eposter, there’s blog, there’s his op, i just couldn’t take it and i cried. And the worse thing is there’s exam on thursday. I couldn’t concentrate on revising my exam, and just as what I’d expected, I flung my ‘paper’. And I feel even more stress on thursday.

I’m feeling better now, he’s fine, the exam is already over, what for brood over it, when I should concentrate on the coming exams? So yah, time to move on, and i really hope all this can be over soon, and i can have my freedom back. =’)

Thank you God for protecting my love, and please don’t give him anymore illness. πŸ™‚

I am stronger than this, if I really let myself down, then so be it, I can’t do anything.

2 thoughts on “Mylife – crazy

  1. jia you dear claire! good to know ur bf is fine now. get well soon! πŸ˜€

    thank you kind ju ann <3 πŸ˜‰

  2. hey girl! You are stronger than you think. πŸ™‚

    thank you! πŸ˜€ how are you i miss you soooo!

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