Lovemore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask

Another mask from LOVEMORE!

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i always love the packaging!


Black Caviar essence from French Beluga provides intensified collagen; help skin to restore its moisture, revealing a hydrated, softer and radiant complexion!

look at this mask!

Super fitting! 0.02mm featherly soft mask with skin-friendly ergonomic cut to have a better fit on skin!

i love fitting and thin mask!

Other than being the best fitting japan soft mask,

It’s more hydrating! better moisturizing effect than traditional hyaluronic acid!

Intense Moisture Microemulsions! Essences are break down to smaller molecules for better absorption – skin are healthier and brighter!

Deep penetration – Zero Osmotic Pressure! Increase the absorbability, 5x more efficient than normal skincare. Effortlessly pamper our skin =D

And what’s my take on this?

Definitely hydrating, my face feels so soft afterwards, haha i even press my face to feel if got the ‘do’ing do’ing’ feeling.And yes i also feel the firming effect on my face 😉

I’ve been using so many types of mask lately and i love all! LOL. have you try this? if not do try it out =D

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