Mylife – super random lah!

Now I’m left with report, eposter and the last UT3. Time really flies, I’m finally going to get out of school and concentrate on working and building my career!

It’s my own updates again, and today is going to be super random.

Love my bed hehehe.

I really love instagram, love how it always make my hair looked damn pretty.

D-I-Yed curls.

Did I tell you I bought a tefal pan? hahaha so happy one, i just keep cooking :D:D shall blog about it soon.

my scrambled eggs, cooked by pot :X before i bought the tefal pan.

on friday.. got to go back school for the last exam for UT2.


8/8 is my 3th month/2nd mth with braces liao =)


supposed to meet up with the lovelies but im held up with some stuffs.

but i got myself a pair of mocassin! =D an indirect gift from le mom!

im currently using a new product and im loving it. omy. can i stop loving new products? hahaha!

c ya! =D