Finally, sharing the exercises I do!

Before I introduced you guys the exercises I do, I need to stress that not every human body is the same. So ya do what suits your body type. πŸ™‚

The last holiday I remembered I jogged almost everyday for about 2months and I lose about 4-5kgs. But once school reopened, I gained them all back. I know it’s normal for one to gain all back once you stop jogging, but think of it, are you still going to jog regularly once you hit 40s, 50s, 60s or even 70s? If you got the determination, sure you can, but do you have the time?

So the best exercise you can ever do is to WALK! I know every single one of you walk everyday, but do you walk enough? The best thing about walking is that it increases your metabolism, and you can keep your weight off without fearing gaining it all back! (Of course if you binge on oily and fattening stuffs, no matter what kind of exercise won’t help!)

Although the process may be longer, but your weight loss would definitely maintained.
and to many ladies out there who hate jogging, it’s a bonus for you now!

And what is the next best exercise? DANCING!


Don’t worry if you don’t have any talents in dancing, you can just sign up for dancing classes. If you’re on budget? The best alternative is to go to community clubs but if you’re paiseh, THEN GO YOU TUBE LEARN!! why go youtube for songs and videos only when there are so many dance tutorials?!


Source: google,

Yoga and Pilates helps to develop long, strong and graceful bodies. Even increasing strength, having greater flexibility, endurance and better posture. Other than this, it helps to relax and relieve stress. This is definitely aΒ  gd exercise for weight loss and toning!

So start being active now, by doing 1 of the exercises listed or ALL. And soon, you will be able to achieve the body that you’ve always dream of! πŸ˜€



8 thoughts on “Finally, sharing the exercises I do!

  1. Hihi. How long do we have to walk in order to slim? I always walk to school, and walk back home from school. I will always take 15minutes to walk. Is that long enough? Haha. Recently, my friend wants to slim down so she decided to walk home from school. From my school to her house it’s roughly 4-5 bus stops.

    1. hehe 15mins is not enough la aiyo! haha. walk more, you can break down the timing, maybe walk to school 15mins, walk back 15mins, and at night go for a 30mins walk again πŸ™‚

  2. Hii.I am realllyyy desperate to lose weight. I ‘m young. Like veryy young. I ‘m 12. And I weight over 65 kilograms.I ‘m on the verge of seventy.I know you ‘re like ”OMFG ! This kid is so freaking fat.”. Yeah.But I really want a flat tummy.Finding clothes is also hard. So,if I slim down,I ‘ll be easier for bot me and my family..Yea.I dont want to be called names anymore.So ,can you tell me what diets or exercises are most effective? Thank You. I have 1 year to achieve that goal of mine.Help? πŸ™‚

    1. Hi dear, you’re only 12 yrs old why would i say you’re fat!! you’re still so young omg..
      What do you usually eat? Move more and eat healthier this are 2key things!

  3. Hi there Claire! I realised how lucky I am to have chanced upon your blog.
    So actually brisk walking is a better way for a healthier weight loss. But I would like to ask for a simple everyday exercise plan and also meal plan if you have one.

    I want to lose at least 5kgs! How long did you take to lose 5kgs?

    Thank you!!

    1. you can walk everyday babe. it’s simple enough! πŸ™‚
      I dun really know how long I take. hahaha. But you should take about 1.5months?

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