Launch of Biotherm, All-New Aquasource Moisturizer (get ur free gifts) and my own review!

Biotherm’s All-New Aquasource Moisturizer is launched today, 1st May 2011!

so creative in their design, bag given by them (:
And what’s inside, look at the package with rainie’s face? That’s the sample package.


If you read my previous post, you should know that I was invited to their exclusive preview, but today I’m not gonna blog about the event (as the pictures are not with me yet), but am going to introduce to you the wonders of the all new Aquasource.

Question here is, What’s so amazing about Aquasource?

  • Suitable for all skin types, EVEN SENSITIVE SKIN! (definitely a plus pt for me as i have sensitive skin)
  • Silky comfort all day long, and it even lasts for 48hrs!
  • Skin has a plump up feel (firmer) after applying
  • 88% more moisturized which means better skin quality! *Test results demonstrated that skin’s moisture levels increased after 4 weeks of continued product use*
  • 82% Tight feeling is diminished
  • 86% more comfortable
  • Paraben free, mineral oil free, environmentally & eco-friendly
  • Unique Fragrance signature

But the most important point of all is definitely HYDRATION.
Do you know that Biotherm Aquasource can actually penetrate up to 5layers into your skin as compared to other moisturizers which usually can only penetrate into 1layer?

It is the combination of this 2 key ingredients, MANNOSE and PURE THERMAL PLANKTON that takes hydration into a whole new level.

Pure Thermal Plankton has the ability to reinforce the skin’s natural defenses, which stimulates and improves skin’s quality, tone and homogeneity for visibly smoother skin. This actually serves as a natural moisturizing factor.

As for Mannose, it is a naturally occuring simple sugar derived from tree pulp which plays a key role in helping tree stock water. And by applying it on our face means that it helps to increase our skin potential to store moisture. This is a new and exclusive ingredient which BIOTHERM is the 1st brand to use it!!

So when this 2 ingredients worked together, they deliver a miraculously never-experienced-before five-layer-deep and long lasting hydration!

Unbelievable right? I had the same instincts as you guys, and so! I tried the product given by Biotherm πŸ˜€




  1. Very easy to apply
  2. Soft and smooth to the skin
  3. Very comfortable and light
  4. And I can really feel the plump up effect on my face and the long lasting moisture after applying! (especially when I sleep in a Aircon-room!)
  5. BEST IS, SUITS MY SENSITIVE SKIN!!! you know this is the first time I used BIOTHERM? And I alrdy love it so much ^^

I’m currently using the gel texture which is for normal/combination skin. If your skin is dry, then take the cream texture one which is the pink one. πŸ˜‰

It is definitely a must buy for woman! And i forgot to mention that, for each application, it’s 100LITRES of spring water on your skin, and for a jar, it actually contains about 5000litres of thermal spring water!!! If it’s a food product, I would definitely say that it’s so nutritious!! If you’re still doubtful about this product, fret not.

All you need to do is to proceed to Tang’s counter Tangs Orchard Biotherm counter and quote MY NAME to receive the following products (worth $53)! *BUT from 6th MAY onwards!*

Β· Aquasource Deep Hydration Moisturiser 15ml

Β· Celluli Laser Size.Code 40ml (Slimming treatment for the tummy)

Β· White d-tox BB cream 5ml

Act fast as the gifts would last for the month of May!

I will be doing a review on slimcode Biotherm for my next post! ^^

And now I shall end the post with my picture.

i still remember about the exercise post! sorry! soon!

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