Rachel K Cosmetic, Lip Plumper

I’m one of the 10 lucky girls that got this limited edition Lip PLumper from Dweam‘s giveaway!

was really excited, because I want to see how amazing this lip plumper is!

and so last night when I got home, I saw the parcel from Dweam! 😀

shall show you the packaging first


Can’t wait to try it, but shall show you a picture of my naked lips.
(sorry it was v early in the morning, and because i only had 4hrs of sleep, my face is bloated. :/)

Looking pale without any lipgloss on.
without a lipgloss, no matter how you pout, you just cant get that sexy look.
AND AFTER APPLYING! and this is the lip plumper, color: vixen

livelier me!
very shiny gloss, lasting, lips look smoother, softer and FULLER! and there is a tingling sensation after you apply, and why is that so? Because it’s circulating the blood flow to your lips to make them fuller!

lastly, a very close up of my new lips..

a very natural look, 🙂
I’ve been searching high and low for a good lip gloss, most of them that i used before, are not lasting and the colors doesn’t suit me. But after using Rachel K, I’m going to stick to this for life!

and once again, thanks to @dweam! 🙂

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