How to lose weight article p8: When should I have my salad?

heh heh! After all the hair posts earlier on now I can touch on my article liao! Surprisingly it’s my 8th article this week! πŸ˜€

I dun think I will ever hit 100th article, I may give away $1000 prize money if i do that, OKAY IM JUST KIDDING.

This week’s about SALAD.

Reason why I wanna talk about salad is because I wasted 10bucks on a stupid dressing which tasted awful (at least to me)


Looks nice right?

Initially I picked the honey mustard dressing, i really hate mustard but i liked honey mustard, i was in doubt when i chose the honey mustard dressing because I was thinking, ‘why the hell is it not in white color?’

The reason why I think it should be white in color because subway honey mustard is in white color! (ok la, maybe off white, beige?) And Simon stubbornly argued with me saying that it’s in yellow, all the while it’s in yellow, i nearly pulled him to the nearest subway! #$%^&

Or am i wrong? Subway’s one also yellow MEH!?!

Whatever it is, I decided on the yellow honey mustard and thought bloody hell it better taste good. Next, I realized i’m at the discount corner and I spotted the above mentioned photo. I was really really excited i tell you because it looks super healthy! HAHHAA.

Gluten free, dairy and egg free, and so forth. BUT THE PRICE IS ‘HEALTHY’ also.
Other than it being healthy, it’s caesar dressing, i recently got this first love feel with caesar salad *.* so of cos im extremely excited lah!

I told simon that im gonna get this, and he asked if im sure, of cos at that moment, i told him yes very sure. i think he alrdy had that insight that it might taste bad! ( oh man )

So the day before I decided to try it out, i’ve purchased this for quite awhile and i tot it should be time for me to try it as im already having the holidays~ and no, it’s definitely not expired yet.

It taste really bad, to be honest im very picky about salad dressing, but this just taste bad, i dunno lah i think it tastes like mustard, the 2top-hate dressings in my lists are mayo and mustard, THEY ARE BAD. im sorry for the mayo and mustard lovers, but i really cannot stand the taste. πŸ™

oh god, how did this post become so wordy?

Okay anyway, the purpose of this post is not to crap about the dressing, i wanted to talk about eating salad!! sorry for being so grumpy!

Okay can I start? Okay i dunno how to start, nvm just start! Start with a photo of caesar salad πŸ˜€

How To Lose Weight Article Part 8: EAT YOUR SALAD AT THE RIGHT TIME

image from google

I think eating salad is the first thing that comes into dieter’s mind when they want to lose weight. Salad is good, because of the vitamins and minerals, add eggs and meat and you will get your protein, energy and fullness.

But I start to notice a trend which is that dieters eat salad for breakfast and lunch and they convinced themselves that they’ve been eating good and they can eat whatever they want in the night.

And usually their salad in the morning/afternoon is just vegetables. I can assure you you are going to binge in the evening if you are not determined enough.

If you read my previous posts before, you know I always ask you guys to eat breakfast. The breakfast I’m asking you to eat should be healthy and filling.

Other than eating breakfast helped speed up your metabolism (in short, burns fats faster)
You should eat a filling meal in the morning because you can burn them off during the day!

You will get hungry easily if you eat veggies in the morning.Β  By lunch time, you will think of food and when it’s lunch time you finish all your food and may even eat an extra serving cos you’re too hungry.

So IMO, it’s better to eat salad in the night!

time to eat smart and burn fats faster! (Y)