mylife: my new HOBBY!

Random updates of my life again! Welcome to june! it’s the couple birthday month! got a new skincare sponsor and i will be sharing with you guys soon! 🙂 3rd got filming and 4th is braces and the bf’s bday, 7th and 8th is batam, 9th is photoshoot, 10th is the friend ROM =D HAPPY!

the next would be how to lose weight article part 8 alrdy, so pls be patient hehe!

A few weeks ago, me and simon went to kbox! There’s a reason why we went, and it’s super awkward because it’s just the 2 of us there singing! hahhaa. although we are alrdy 4years old ++, but seriously if he take photos of me or hear me sing, i feel awkward and shy, i think this applies to him too that’s why he always give me the ‘bird’ face when i take photos of him!

It was at HOUGANG PLAZA (if im not wrong), i like that it’s near the bf’s place and it’s quiet? haha! quite secluded..

I was super excited when I saw that the restaurant beside kbox is NIHON MURA!! lol i’ve always wanted to try it!!

We were there for klunch btw, i ordered sashimi and the bf ordered some chicken set!

This is what he usually sings AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA omg im so mean lol ok lah, not usually but he likes!


this is me feeling stress because the ‘thing’ is just the next day and because of my stage fright i usually cannot make it, but i still wanna try just for the sake of fun!


btw we were famished and when the food came, I was quite excited until……

i feel damn sad! we feel damn sad to be exact! and that’s why that day i ‘instagram’ this is for people who wants to lose weight. omg seriously too little for us.

the food is not up to my standard too, i was super disappointed! i love food and i feel sad when i eat food that disappoints me!

le bf v cute here so photo must put bigger HAHA

oh well although the lunch is bad but its still a fun afternoon hehe! <3

after kbox session, I went to SASA! bought brushes and blusher. i dun need a blusher actually :X i see the color very pretty and so i bought it, *damn me impulse buy*

i bought these cheaper range of brushes because im still an amateur in eyeshadows, wanna start playing around first before i invest in the really expensive brushes!


i tried out one look and its quite simple. im not used to heavy eyes but there’s a satisfaction there, i dunno why lah..

green color, eyelashes bought from daiso. 2pairs $2. haha!
now i finally unds the difference between eyeshadows and none

suddenly feel like wearing back contact lens, LOL! :X

make up is fun, i will definitely play with it when i’m free. hehe!

and my recent/latest buy, from NYX, (why u wanna come RP?) hahaha!

the color of the bloody mary is totally wrong due to instagram, it’s a v dark red and i super love it.

i got 2hobbies now, one is to collect lippies and another collect rilakkumas. so fun!

okay gotta save now 😛
thank you thank you thank you UNIVERSE! <3 im really grateful! 😀