Awesome Hair supplement!

I realized my previous 3posts are all about HAIR, lol it’s seriously rare, cos usually it’s about beauty products, weightloss and my daily nonsense.

Today’s blog post is about HAIR again!

I remembered saying I will share it, so now I’m sharing with you guys this product!

it’s not sponsored!

To be honest, I’m not a supplement person. I bought 2big bottles of evening primrose and I left them in the fridge for almost a year, I only managed to take for about half a month or maybe lesser.

I only take supplements that produced instant results, lol this might be the only thing that I’m impatient about. I’m not saying that Evening Primrose is bad, but you have to take it regularly and for long periods then you will see the results. I dun like this type because I cant conclude if the product is a scam or not. I don’t want to keep spending for 3mths and realized that it’s actually a gimmick!

That explains why I’m always in pain during menses. I don’t like to take panadols, i love to fight pain, lol call me sick, but even when I did my spine operation, I only pressed once or twice of the morphine, cos I really love to fight pain! LOL! And it’s freaking painful, i cant even walk. So can you imagine?

hahaha okay back to this hair supplement!
I got to know this from Miyake our resident blogger as well! I think this product works for her, i also did alot of research about this product and it seemed good enough and so I decided that I should give it a try.

I think it’s about $30+ i can’t remember, i’m also GNC member, this is 1month supply so i thought it’s quite affordable.

Why do I love it so much?

I was having hair extensions before I took this, it’s also due to hair extensions that I decided to take this.

I REALLY REALLY HATE HAIR EXTENSIONS, it prevents hair from growing and after removing them, my hair is like 50% gone!

I was so so so sad and duper depressed, i mean hair is so important! I already got hair problems and now 50% gone is like taking away my life!!

I regretted spending $200+ for the hair extensions, the price to pay for beauty botak!

After one week of intake, I realized my hair is growing fast than usual. (my hair growth is damn slow one)

Even Simon says that my hair is longer!

Other than that, my nails are damn hard!

Also my skin are better, I don’t know if it’s because of the product or just because Im eating healthily..

After 3-4weeks of intake, I START TO GROW BABY HAIR, which looked messy! HAHAHA. but i dun mind cos im growing hair!

recently Simon just told me my hair starts to feel like cushion yay!

Now I’m already on the 2nd bottle, going to the 3rd one. Another thing I liked about it is that it’s not solely a hair supplement because it’s like a multi-vitamins which is very good for the malnutrition me 😀

If you got hair problems, try this!!!

products vary from one individual to another.

4 thoughts on “Awesome Hair supplement!

  1. Does this really work? I’m 16 and my hair has been dropping a ridiculous amount that my super thick hair is now really thin compared to what I used to have…. And is thinner than most of my friends hair and theirs are compared quite thin. TT I dont wanna be bald by 20 TT

    1. It works for me, and got one reader feedback it works for her too. maybe u wanna try it out?

  2. hello! This looks great!!! How does it tastes like.. hahah

    lol i think it tasted alright, just drink it with water and the taste is gone!

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