There are people who exercise like crazy but still not losing weight. And why is this so?

1) Exercising alone is not enough, diet is important as well. Not as in hardcore diet, but eat healthily.

2) Do not do the same type of exercise everyday, for example if you think cycling can slim legs, don’t do it everyday, it might make your legs bigger instead.

3) Warm up is very important, it increases blood flow, energy and oxygen will be used more efficiently.

4) Doing yoga alone wont help you to lose weight, you need to incorporate other activities as well.

5) Be more active, if you’re sitting the whole day, eating the same amount of calories and only exercise at night. It doesn’t help much.

6) Exercise moderately, always give yourself restdays! Do not over strain!!

Some from realage.com*

So remember to move more, as move more = burn more!

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*got selected for scholarship, hope I can get it!!!!*

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