Let me share my dream with you guys alright? :/

It was definitely horrible, I’m glad I did wake up.

Details of the dream

Location: Resemble Las Vegas, nice architecture though, that I cant deny.

Characters: *let me recall* 5 or 6 persons? I’m one of them and also the lead actress.

Story goes like this…

2 of us decided to participate in a singing contest, and so we went ahead with it. And the place for the audition is really WOW!

I finished my performance and realized that I went out of tune cos of my sorethroat (which is so true in reality, im having sorethroat now) I was so worried that I nearly cried. My friend finished her performance and I reckoned she might get in since she is one of the few who got the better vocals. The other 3 or 4 comforted me and asked me to approach the judges and explained my situation. *quite lame hor*

Waited for awhile and result was out, I got selected and somehow come to think of it, it’s quite ridiculous, becos come on man, I went out of tune for an audition? well whatever, haha. its a dream.

We are supposed to attend another round of audition whereby we need to sing and dance at the same time, and in the dream, I definitely danced better than singing, probably because I’ve been dancing too much recently -.- And I was partnered with a guy for my performance, he’s inside the grp of friends as well I think, and I don’t know how he got selected.

OKAY LAH, very long leh blablabla. winner is the guy cos his vocal better than me, and I won the best dancer award or something like that. My friends also got the best dressed award.

Okay here comes the ending, suddenly we realized that this is all a fantasy, because one of our friend died and he/she suddenly vanished. And there’s this guy who wants me to die also so that we can be together -.-, and he tried to stab me a few times with the knife but failed. And our friends start to kill each other, like pushing off the bridge, beating up one another, and left 3 of us in the end. And I thought I killed him by stabbing him, but when I turned to my the other friend, I saw him using a pointed stick or pole to poke me, and I died. AND IN THE DREAM I JUST VANISHED!!!!

Woke up to my horror and phew! Too much of ming xing meng lately, omg. ><

okays, rant finish liao, gonna blog a post later under “BODY” category!

Shd i record what I eat everyday? zzz. 20more days to bintan! i wanna be more toned!

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