Latest favourite snacks

I’m actually not that healthy. 😛 I love to snack, I have to snack and I MUST snack. I am always on a lookout for good snacks with lower calories. Not that easy you know..

It was my exam period and I had to get some snacks, whenever I’m stress I snack, when I’m angry and when I’m sad too. I don’t eat so much when I’m happy though. I’m kinda sick.

TWG Green tea.
 photo 11_zpsypzykedc.jpg

I thought i needed something clean as I have been spamming too much coffee. I got these from my workplace as they ordered wrong and surprisingly they taste perfect. 🙂 Sometimes I add sugar and no im not guilty of it. Lol.

Craving for Chocolates. ALWAYS.

 photo unnamed_zpsqeafcoxj.jpg

Not that I don’t like milk chocolates. But milk chocolates give me crazy pimples. :/ And I love dark chocolates too SO I got this from Lindt. I also tried their Sea Salt dark chocolate which is amazing! Per square is about 25-28calories, do the calculation yourself. I did a post on how I calculate my calories. LOL (yes I know.. seriously)

Sodium Fix.

 photo 1_zpswebchrw2.jpg

Need SALT. I have been spamming egg whites lately because I want to cut down on meat. Too much egg whites make me sick, so I need the boost from Ritz. This is simply addictive, had to control myself.. cant stop at one!

Anyway I wonder any of you got tattoo in HongKong before? I feel like doing mine there. Let me know if you did! Thanks! 🙂