A day out with Joyce! Was feeling really down and so I went to did my first ever proper manicure with her, before that we had Saizeriya for lunch.


Thanks Joyce for bringing the troubled me to KAIWARE. The sashimi really made my day! I only had the sashimi and tamago sushi because I was very bloated. Anyway I’m always bloated lately so yah whatever. and one thing I really don’t understand is why Chef Peter is always shifting. lol!

 photo IMG_6460_zpsb2umthvd.jpg

Look at the thick slices of salmon. gosh..

 photo IMG_6457_zps97dvttbb.jpg

We also had the hotate sashimi which were so sweeeeet and fresh!!!!!!!! I can totally eat that for every meal for the rest of my life.

 photo IMG_6469_zpsmbnu2nvl.jpg

That night we also put on air brush tattoo. LOL next is our HK trip together! I’m scared I don’t know why, a weird feeling. People have been calling me a butterfly, always flying around. But this time round I really feel like I’m a bird flying out of my ‘cage’, my comfort zone.

Anyway I really enjoy the night after all the drama for the past few months. I have known Joyce for awhile but I really think it’s fate that bring us even more closer.

Thank you for being there. For being so supportive and understanding. Even though we have our differences, especially when I love guy stuff and you are so girly hahaha! But like I said, opposite attracts LOL. I’m gonna chill for the trip, you know we are going to be together for a few days, all the bad habits might show HAHAHA!

Counting down and it’d better be a awesome trip! The last time I went I was suffering from UTI. :/

Oh yah and def many photos ๐Ÿ˜€ Till the next..

Many problems lately but I will find a solution. and gosh my birthday. weird..