Weight Loss: Counting calories Part 1 – Table spoon, tea spoon

Enough of spamming you all with food, let me double up my weight loss articles (ya, as if!) hahhaa. So anyway today article is linked to the previous one —> http://blog.myfatpocket.com/claireaudreylim/2013/09/08/boil-your-vegetables-and-eat-them-with-this/

Previously I talked about boiling vegetables and eating them with deep roasted sesame dressing.
Even though the serving calories is 160, but I feel that it’s better than oil. Anyway you are not going to have 160calories added to your body because I’m going to teach you how not to.

All you need is tablespoon and teaspoon for Part One. (It’s labeled with my name because I put them in office for measuring purposes.)

 photo IMG_20130913_140017_zpse5d339aa.jpg


Tablespoon is the bigger size one. So 2 of that equals to 160calories of the sesame dressing. I know many of you spam dressing like it’s free of calories!! No lor pls, it actually contributes a lot to your calorie intake!

So usually what I do is this.

2 Tablespoon = 160 calories
1 Tablespoon = 80 calories
1 Tablespoon = 3 teaspoon which is the smaller one shown on the picture, so what you do is take 80/3= 26. +++ which you better round up to 27 (for 1teaspoon) because they are all estimated calories.

And I usually only take 1teaspoon of the sesame dressing. It’s not too little it’s just nice for my vegetables becos you remember? I dun really like to put dressing.

Most of the time I make use of this 2spoons to measure my calories. It can be yogurt, milo, oats, this and that.

To be honest, I’m obsessed about measuring food. You can call this OCD too.
I have research and measured so much about food that I more or less know how much calories I consume if i eat out.

You can try out this method and let me know if it helps!? 🙂

Stay tune to my Part 2 because I’m going to blog about kitchen scale, that’s like my BEST BUY EVER?