Planning a trip to Japan: Tokyo and Nikko

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It’s going to be a lengthy post. 😛 But continue to read because I’m quite nonsensical.

Very excited for this trip you know, really really excited. I have only work for 8months and I’m going to Japan!! I always thought Japan is somewhere where I can only fly to for honeymoon!!!

I never regretted going to Poly and taking a diploma, studying hard, stressing myself up, eating myself flabby and whatever more.. And now I’m working hard and saving money to embark on another journey.

All this takes awhile and I’m just going have to wait. My wedding plans are on hold now, still getting married but some plans will change. I will update you all when my teeth are more or less there. -_-

So ya… I’m going to Japan!!! :D:D:D

Simon and I have been thinking where to visit this year, and we thought of Sydney, Perth, Hong Kong, Taiwan and JAPAN. Australia because I have never been to an ang moh country before!!! And Hong Kong because I miss the place, the food and the cheap stuffs but not the rude people! Taiwan because Simon wants to bring me! HAHA. I dun really want to visit Taiwan, I dunno why. o.O Then JAPAN. I was in a half fuck mindset because Japan is expensive! And I am the kind of person that would rather carry my money to my grave then spending it one! So there were a few times I went to SQ and check japan flight fare and got really tempted but always never book! -_-

That time I check SQ it’s only 1500 for 2person lor!!!

We didn’t book that because I really dunno if I should spend this money or not, like I just work for what, about 8months? And I already want to spend money to go Japan when we still got wedding and flat to save for!!!

But on 2nd thought, if I can fly over to Japan, it’s an achievement too! I have study so hard and work so hard so why not just enjoy it right!? But you know I can say this la, but even now even when I thought of my money I still heart pain. HAHA.

So Simon suggested to wait for NATAS fair because since it’s around the corner.

Sooooo, we went to NATAS fair on the first day, and those packages kinda suck for our situation, because my leaves are not enough and we got a budget!!! Also, we prefer free&easy! We checked ANA and JL, timing kinda suck and quite expensive. And all the SQ lower flexible fares already sold out! 🙁

In the end we went home, and go to Changi Airport the next day to research about airlines. HAHAHA.

First, I went to Zuji website, kinda suck too, but cheap, if you want cheap stuffs then be willing to suffer abit more. Then I noticed Malaysia Airlines, like not bad..
So I went to Malaysia Airline’s website and check their flight timings and fare.

1. Timing quite OK. Departing in the evening and returning in the evening too.

2. Transit OK but kinda suck. Departing that day we would need to transit in KL for about 1hr, im fine with it BUT returning is about 3-4hours transit! In the midnight somemore! CONFIRM suck. But what to do? I want cheaper flights!!

3. Price definitely affordable! We ask our friend if Msia Air is okay and he say not bad. So WE BOOKED IT! Because one person only 500+ for fare only!!!! CHEAP LOR!

4. Seat assignment can only choose 48hours prior to departure date so again, this kinda suck.


And our flights are SETTLED! So flights checked!

Then here comes the part whereby couples will quarrel about where to stay and where to go. I tell you, free and easy really is xiong, stress and arguable.

The bf is crazy about japan, because I think some of the boys you know ah abit anime/manga siao, then now got the chance to go Japan like strike toto $1million like that. LOL!! Ok la now he not that siao but he still follow manga, so I think he still quite siao. I hope Japanese not that CHIO on the streets if not I can die. T.T

So initially, he wanted to go Hakone for Mt Fuji, and most importantly to see autumn leaves. BY THE WAY we are going on 26th October so it’s Autumn, 🙂 so he thought the colors of the leaves in Hakone has already turned orange. He was super excited la! Now I think it’s like exciting for Hakone for nothing like that cos in the end HE FOUND OUT THAT THE COLOR HAVEN CHANGED. -_-

Before he knew, he was researching day and night, meet also talk about Hakone, and show me many many printouts of Tokyo and Hakone. LOL in the end now we changed to Nikko instead of Hakone because the color of the leaves changed there first. 😀 BUT lucky I prefer Nikko cos the photos all look super nice, pretty and japanese! So I didn’t burst too much hahaha.

But he so ji ji, also good la cos I can share HIS ITINERARY with you guys, FYI I’ve got no part in planning :X All I say is I want to eat crepes and see cute and pretty stuffs. :X But i’m quite excited for NIKKO!

For now I can only tell you I’m going Nikko and Tokyo, staying 1night in Nikko and the rest in Tokyo, heard it’s going to be COLD in Nikko that’s why we both bought coats from Pull&bear. I’m really scared of being cold, can die and want to die that kind, sometimes I can’t even stand 24degrees, so claire pretty much good luck to you. (feeling sad because I might not experience winter? :()

I will stop here and I will talk about the hotels we book and how much we have spend up to date to prepare for this trip! And he will personally blog the itinerary himself too. And if you ever take his itinerary, do thank him. thank you. LOL!

 photo IMG_20130903_192847_zps45b69cb6.jpg

 I think I will visit Japan many many times, but honey moon it’s not going to be Japan for sure!

Look out for more posts from me! 😀