How to lose weight article part 11!

I wanted to discuss about my thoughts after appearing on yahoo! news but decided not. 😀 But many thanks to those who really look up to me as an inspiration, a motivation and all sorts. I’m really flattered and happy. 😉

Okay, for today’s topic!

Question of the day: I sweat a lot after exercising, am I burning fats?

This can apply to those who always ask me why are they not losing weight even if they exercise!

let me side track abit here..

To lose SIGNIFICANT weight is to exercise at least 250mins a week, to maintain is to exercise at least 150mins a week. This is what I always heard and I got confused, really confused.

How many people can do that?

I probably know why I can’t gain weight even though I eat alot. Because I clock 180-250 mins a week briskwalking, sometimes even more. I love walking too much, and my bf loves walking too, we can walk the whole day, we can walk 10km during travel or during weekends on a normal day. We can walk home from serangoon to hougang, clarke quay to orchard and not to mention all the park trails that we visited.

im telling you this because im clarifying why im not gaining weight, because people still thinks that I’m dieting, -.-

But working out 250minutes a week is actually ALOT. You need to work, need to take care of family, need to do this and that. and especially for my friends, need to do rj and study!

250mins = 50minutes 5times a week.
can you run 50minutes at one go? okay dun talk about run, what about jog? maybe if you can for today, tomorrow will you? if you happen to skip for 3days, then you will never hit that 250minutes. Then how? can’t lose weight?

i can tell you it’s not easy to walk 50mins 5times a week for most people too, because simple reason, where got time?

BUT i still see people losing weight jogging 30minutes 5days a week, why is that so?  To be honest I don’t know! I need a doctor to explain this to me, and I need somebody to correct the articles/forums out there claiming that to lose weight need to exercise 250mins a week cos it’s quite ridiculous! not everyone can do it! especially for women!

exercising 250mins a week is like having an disorder. 1 week is okay, your life is revolved around exercising. how to sustain in the long run?

im different because im always walking, and me and my bf walks very fast, lol. so going out with him is like brisking walking to me.

So if possible someone pls explain to me where did this 250mins a week weight loss method came from?


Okay now im going back to the topic: I sweat a lot after exercising, am I burning fats?


People feel shiok if they sweat it out, cos they think they are burning fats. PLEASE. you are not, you are just losing water weight.

I can do pilates for 10mins and sweat like mad, literally wet from head to toe. I can weigh lighter after this 10minutes because it’s all WATER.

But if you wanna burn fats, you can’t expect to exercise for just 10-15mins, sorry but this is reality.

10mins jog make you sweat but sorry that’s water.

You only start to burn fats after 20minutes! It’s better to start slow if you choose to jog because you have to continue long to burn fats.

Usually people start to lose water weight first before they lose the fats weight. that’s probably why it’s easier to lose weight at the start. it applies to me too.

yes, dun doubt water, water weight make you look bloated, so of course you look like you ‘lose weight’ after the water weight loss.


Dun think that drinking lots of water will make you BLOATED, in fact it actually helps to reduce water retention.

Recommended intake is at least 8glasses of water a day.
I usually drink about 3litres a day because I exercised and I’m already used to it.

But drinking too much is detrimental to your health just like eating too much of anything else can harm your body.

Moderation is the key.

One advice from me,

still wanna continue the 15mins jog, or a 40mins walk? 😉

My post are for people who really want to lose weight and in a healthier way, and not to ASK them to lose weight, i feel that as long as your loved ones love you, stand by you, you don’t need to make any drastic changes. Be yourself, that’s very important.




3 thoughts on “How to lose weight article part 11!

  1. But don’t neglect hydration! Water is our lifeline, to be healthy is to exercise and rehydrate yourself after that. Its no joking matter because you will die from dehydration if you are afraid of gaining water mass from drinking too much water. There is no proof that drinking too much water can lead to gaining water mass because Claire here drinks around 3 litres a day she’s not gaining weight!

  2. Is not about the amount of time you exercise, is the amount of muscles mass you need to increase to have high metabolism rate.

    i think it will be good if you can share more, benefit alot of people =)

  3. Muscle mass increases when you exercise, provided you supply body with enough protein and carbo = is a must to eat after exercise, food eg beef, egg” milk, spaghetti, potato.. Correct food increase muscle mass fast and you will have high metabolism .. Exercise that helps build muscles and lose fats fastest eg. Body combat, weight training, yoga , long distance running.. Girls naturally have lesser muscle mass than man cos man exercise a lot.. Thus, exercise like a man and you will stay slim and eat whatever you want . Girls won’t look muscular easily.. So keep on exercising ..

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