Scoliosis, spinal surgery (Years later)

That was my first post on this.

So anyway it has been 2years that I never went back for review, and I was told that my case has already been closed.

But I’m going back for appointment on 15th Nov again. zzz.. I’m having super sharp pain on my back recently and I’m really worrried!!! I’m afraid that the implant has moved or something like that because the pain is so sharp that I can have teary eye that kind leh.. Then when the pain strike right, it’s like I can’t even move or walk. You know how scary that is??

I really hope it’s doing fine because I already have to bear with the restriction, (imagine after so many years then I can do situps properly!!), and the approx 15cm scar. I thought of going for laser but it’s quite exp right? And I’m afraid of any side effects too. Haiz.. cross fingers!!

I will update you guys after I go for the appointment!

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