Event: Shiro-wa: Vitamagra – total 3D nutritional and weight management drink

12 October 2013 is a special day, it’s my mthsary with the bf, my anniversary with my gf and a new awesome product launch!!

Shiro-wa Pte Ltd launched their latest advanced innovative product – Vitamagra, a nutrition & weight management drink! I was very excited to attend this because I wanted to try out this new product so that I can intro to you guys!

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Some info about Shiro-wa shall we? 😉

Shiro-Wa is a Singaporean-based company with 3 focuses: Shiro-Wa Beauty, Shiro-Wa Nutrition and Shiro-Wa Medical. The Slogan, “Beauty and Elegance, as Nature Intended” summarizes the principles & objectives behind the company. Using the freshest and highest quality ingredients and tapping on traditional beauty & health secrets, dovetailed w modern sciences, Shiro-Wa aims to harness the power of nature to bring out the beauty and elegance in each individual.

Vitamagra is their latest product for people to have a all rounded better health!

The 2speakers of the day were Dr, Chia and Dr. Daniel Lim. They are both professionals in the biomedical industry.

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Dr. Chia

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and here is Dr. Lim.

Dr. Lim even mentioned that Singaporeans take in 80% more salt and 60% more calories than the recommended amount. Salt is really easy to exceed, if you love japanese food, I’m sure you exceed too.

During the presentation, Dr. Lim also showed us how he made his vitamagra!

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He liked his to be mixed with coffee powder and ice!

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Look at how Dr. Lim enjoyed shaking his Vitamagra, LOL.

I got the honor to try the coffee mixture, and it was so thick and good! Taste abit like coffee milkshake I would say.

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Vitamagra was also launched with this Exercise Anywhere Programme whereby dancers jumped out to ask us to work out together, it was totally shocking and embarrassing for me to do that with a dress!

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So move more and you burn more!

After burning calories, we moved on to Q&A session!

Can you believe this lady is a mother of 2? A little secret from her, she’s taking Vitamagra tooo!

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So while you see them attending to our Questions, read on to know more about Vitamagra! 😀

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Vitamagra is formulated by a highly specialized team of scientists and nutritionists for the 21st Century lifestyle, it’s not just another nutritional drink, it is a multi-disciplinary scientific formulation based on Combinatory Phyto-Chemistry that optimizes the use of 36 essential vitamins and minerals scientifically related to:

1. beautiful skin & hair
2. improved brain and eye functions
3. increased resistance against diseases
4. reduced risks of 21st centry diseases such as diabetes, stroke, hypertension, cancer, heart diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis and other chronic diseases.
5. MOREOVER, it can be used for weight management and slimming, targeting where?? WAIST AND HIPS. Women’s problems, you agree?

The Pro@Flim Bioactives present in Vitamagra helps to increase body’s metabolism, while reducing hard-to-remove cellular & tissue water retention. (me, totally needs this)

I am someone who love health product but requirement is that it must taste good, and Vitamagra totally meet my needs, it’s such a all in 1 product and it taste delicious! (provided you mixed correctly!)

We tried out the different flavours of Vitamagra tooo!
Original, Chocolate, Strawberry and Matcha, can be hot or cold tooo!

 photo SAM_0099_zpsac46b63d.jpg

I personally love the strawberry one and I know Bianca loves the coffee one, I’m not sure how many cups she took though, LOL! This is the hot coffee flavour.

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I will be blogging my review and personal recipes up soon! 🙂

And if you want to know more Vitamagra, you always visit their webpage!


Also!! Enjoy 25% Vitamagra now by keying in V025 upon checkout at http://www.shiro-wa.com/shop if you want to get and try!