Fernvale Rivergrove – Ganjiong Spider

Every once in awhile I will visit Zai@Sengkang’s blog. I still dunno where he took the pics from but I always go back to check out my HDB. He’s really damn zai, almost every week he will give updates one. But I realized the last update is 19th October so I think my flat is taller now. LOL!

Going to his blog also give me an insight as to when my flat will be ready which is very scary!! It’s building too fast lor seriously. Why are they forcing me to get married, I feel damn old sial.. lol.

Even though I feel stressed because of all the costs, I’m still pretty excited for the flat hehehe. No matter what it’s my, our flat. Very happy. Gonna make sure my flat looked good.
The other day my colleague was just saying I very zai, wedding ah, study ah and flat all come together. I think people confirm can see I’m struggling LOL. But seriously I actually feel ok lah, I still can think of going Korea for Plastic Surgery. Really very unhappy with my nostrils, so if can I wanna reduce the size of them and make my tip sharper. Actually I don’t have high nose bridge too so if can also do something about it la. Nvm, this topic can talk in some other post. hahaha.

Anyway just to share my estate! this photo was taken from his blog! They started last year April, I think the construction workers also damn zai. http://sengkangzai.blogspot.sg/2013/10/fernvale-rivergrove-year-13-week-43.html

 photo P1200845_zps633e5e85.jpg

Universe has been answering to my prayers hehe. So pls let everything be better. Thank you!!

Hi Sengkang Zai, If you happen to see my post, I just wanna thank you for the photos!! It was a great help man!

2 thoughts on “Fernvale Rivergrove – Ganjiong Spider

  1. Hi Clarielim,
    Am overwhelmed with your compliements. really glad that you find my weekly update useful and didnt realise it actually will make some scares too.
    I was away on holiday and that explains the halt of an update on 19Oct. So it is much scary now if you pop over to see now. Didnt comes to my mind that zai means zai(3 tone), so really make me laugh while reading it.
    This photo is taken at the top level of Fernvale Ridge, diagonally opposite. no other tall building around there. it quite easy to locate it.

    wahahha! thanks for sharing the location! and I look forward to your weekly update although yes it’s scary!

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