Review: Shiro-wa: Vitamagra – total 3D nutritional and weight management drink

Finally my review of Vitamagra!

I don’t take it as a supplement though, it’s more like my daily snack! Hahaha.

Because I liked the Vitamagra that Dr. Daniel did for us to try, I made my own version too!
Other than the coffee one, I also tried my own strawberry shake!

The usual direction of Vitamagra is to:

Add 1 cup (250 ml) of water to 2 tablespoons of Vitamagra as a main meal, or ½ cup (125 ml) of water to 1 tablespoon as snack or supplement. Blend it with ice for a tastier, creamier finish.

But I love to play around with my food, so here are my versions!

r1 photo SAM_0135_zps9ccc2f05.jpg

Here are 2 ingredients that you need, Strawberry yogurt drink and coffee powder! They are not meant to be mixed together!
Please prepare a tablespoon, which would make measurements easier!

r2 photo SAM_0146_zpsfc743f39.jpg

r3 photo SAM_0150_zps0dc98159.jpg

This is my original Vitamagra, I love the basil seeds in it, it add on to the taste and it’s fun to chew!

r4 photo 20131019_150519_zps63f07f39.jpg

I liked the original one too as it’s much easier to mix?
Please prepare a container too, for shaking purposes.
As I do not have a proper mug or container or whatever you call it, I can only use this. LOL!

r5 photo SAM_0152_zps54878e1f.jpg

r6 photo SAM_0154_zps385f9674.jpg

Very excited now, it smell good too!

r7 photo SAM_0156_zps13257fea.jpg

For the strawberry Vitamagra:
I mixed half cup of Strawberry yogurt drink with 1tablespoon of Vitamagra!

r8 photo 20131019_145544_zps7ce180e3.jpg

It’s pretty easy, just need to shake! (I omit the ice as the yogurt drink is quite cold.)

r9 photo 20131019_145607_zps95c9735c.jpg

Heh heh, I love the seeds….
Okay let’s try this…

r10 photo 20131019_145807_zps619eb3a1.jpg

You can mix in more yogurt drink, it’s totally up to you! I think it’s better to put in ice cubes, as it will be creamier, imagine drinking healthy strawberry milkshake!
The next one would be Claire’s coffee Vitamagra! It doesn’t taste as good as Dr. Lim’s one, maybe cos I left out the ice cubes! -_-
Lol, I mixed in about 1 tablespoon and abit more of 3in1 instant powder plus half cup of ice cold water and 1 tablespoon of Vitamagra.

r11 photo 20131019_150111_zps5346b9ce.jpg

And this is the outcome!

r12 photo 20131019_150232_zps899a8a27.jpg

Although not as good as Dr Lim’s one, it still taste pretty good!

r13 photo 20131019_150257_zpsd6204433.jpg

Mmmm! I love my Vitamagra!

r14 photo 20131019_150307_zpsdcce8dcf.jpg

If you don’t like my recipes, you can always visit their website to try out other recipes, other than drinking it, you can also mix them in to make pancakes!!!
You can also create your own recipe and submit to Shiro-wa! And please share with me too ok??

 photo vitadiscount_zpsdb46dcf4.jpg

And yes their promotion is ending on 12th November, so if you want to buy and try now, do get it before 12th!
Other than Vitamagra, I also bag home some other products which were meant for my hair, skin and body! Shiro-wa products contain no parabens, phthalate or sulphate. They are Mineral oil and fragrance free too. 100% Vegan!
For the precious hair!

r16 photo SAM_0169_zpsa1f6f47a.jpg

Their shampoo and conditioner contains no parabens, phthalate or sulphate. It’s Mineral oil and fragrance free too.
Shampoo and conditioner to deeply nourish, soften and strengthen my hair! 

For the precious skin!

r17 photo SAM_0174_zpscc09d8a4.jpg

Contains honey, Lemon, Neem and holy basil. To cleanse and unclog pores.

r18 photo SAM_0175_zpsff48c7c5.jpg

When it comes to pores, you cannot leave out toner. This pure minimising toner contains pure rose water, cucumber, basil and mint. To remove makeup residue, shrink and clear pores!!

r19 photo SAM_0178_zps14e1cd1e.jpg

Then you have mud mask to reduce acne blemishes, repair damaged skin and clear clogged pores, also sun shield face potion to fight the harmful UV rays!
After nutrition, hair and face, it’s now the body!

r20 photo SAM_0180_zpse6e0d181.jpg

Floral cream bar for deep nourishing, contains Milk and rose.
Shiro-wa really helps me to improve in and out! Say yay to a new and better Claire! 😀