Serious withdrawal symptoms – Ginza Bairin

Hello Saturday!
Forgot to update you that I’ve ask my dentist to push my teeth in, and I think he sound a bit unhappy. Maybe I think too much!
Thank you guys for telling me to push it in, I think it would be better, really.

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Anyway Simon and I are suffering from pretty serious withdrawal symptoms, the jap food here really cannot compare to japan’s. And I really can understand why people are so fascinated about the Yoshinoya’s there now. A 480yen beef bowl from Yoshinoya is better than the jap restaurant here.

Yesterday we went to Ginza Bairin at Ion Orchard, FYI, we have eating jap food lately cos we miss japan so much.

I ordered a Katsu Don set and he ordered some fried hotate set.

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I expect the rice to be more firm and chewy but sadly no it’s not. I think the food is ok ok only. (and i think quite exp) The egg is not very good also leh, I think I can just settle my stomach with a steamed bachor egg.
Almost 3/4 of rice I gave it to Simon, lol cos totally dun feel like eating.

Drinking the miso soup reminds me of the tomato soup in NIKKO! Walao maybe I should stop eating jap food cos all this memories hurt like a bitch. HAHAHA.

Btw I’m not a rice person but can you believe I finish the whole beef bowl at Yoshinoya in Japan? Yes, it was that good.

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Highlight of the post is this chocolate tart, super sinful super yummy, super fat. But SHIOK!!! It’s $1.50 only and the chocolates are really generous. I’m going to visit Duke-Nus this 25th. Too yummmy!

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