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Don’t even know what kind of post is this. Just a week at a glance. Super busy, tiring and even de**********.

Saturday – Bf busy editing photos, me busy doing performance review.
We are still having withdrawal symtoms from our Japan trip so after dinner we went to MOF for japanese dessert.
Love their matcha ice cream, and baked mochi is super chewy and sweet.

11121 photo IMG_20131109_210238_zpsddfb8ffa.jpg

Then we hopped around looking for japanese snacks, specifically marbles. With marbles who cares about M&Ms? And saw this cute merci me, cos I’m a horse. Merci is not from Japan right so we didn’t buy. And Ntuc don’t have marbles. -_-

11122 photo IMG_20131109_223356_zpsb05cb95c.jpg

After that I fell sick, extreme withdrawal symptom.

11123 photo IMG_20131110_175016_zps53422451.jpg

And my bf bought/brought me raspberry tofu cheesecake. (iamsick) and it taste MOFO good although it’s not from Japan.

11125 photo IMG_20131111_182215_zps79f12fa6.jpg

He bought me cheesecake, I brought him to Creation Cafe for pasta, again not Jap food. (yeshepay)

11126 photo IMG_20131111_184055_zpsf0c53130.jpg

You have the soup of the day, I think is carrot soup. (Imissnikkotomatosoup)

11127 photo IMG_20131111_185338_zpsaa062bdd.jpg

I recommend the thai cream linguine which is my favourite although I myself never ordered it before!!

11128 photo IMG_20131111_185543_zpsa3097518.jpg

And so I had chicken pesto Pasta.

Can’t wait to blog about the Japan trip although it’s sort of tedious hahaha. But recently I’m having the sian of life feeling again. Things not going the direction I want it too. Reality sucks!

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