How to lose weight article Part 15

I didn’t know my articles can make you guys so excited. haha! It does seemed like it’s very easy to blog about losing weight, but I damaged my brain cells to think about how to continue the article.

I manage to pull through 15articles, give me a clap please? LOL.

I don’t really have ideas when it comes to writing all these articles. Sometimes I go blank and I can’t really think of anything to blog about for weeks, and other times it’s just purely me being busy.

So after the previous hulahoop article, I thought of a topic for today, which is

Healthy Eating.

I know I blog about eating good and healthy over and over again, but I’m always on a constant look out for healthier choice and preparing low fat and healthier meals. That’s why sometimes my meals can be so exotic like trying soya bean milk with pasta, and all sorts of ‘crap’. I believe as long as you dare to eat and the right seasonings are being used then any food can taste good, that’s me lah. lol.

Okay today there’s

2 short parts

First is soup spoon, (the soup i’ve always wanted to try but worry that I will not feel full) and the 2nd part is the oil I used when I cook!

I love soup and one of my favourite place is soup spoon. And if you’re a soup spoon fan too, you should know that pumpkin soup has the lowest calorie out of all the soups, 130calorie.

But I never once tried it before until last friday. I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I decided to try out pumpkin soup. Surprisingly it taste good and I feel very full drinking that. And I decided that on my feel fat days, im gonna just go there and order pumpkin soup!

there’s a reader who told me that the calories in soup spoon are not accurate. there might be a possibility but no matter what!! Pumpkin soup still has the lowest calories of all!

Pumpkin has many nutritional benefits as well so go try this if you haven before.

add the almond, good source of healthy fats and protein.

and the 2nd part which is the oil I used for cooking.

Before that I was using normal olive oil, but recently i changed to cooking oil spray!


I bought this at about $11 plus if i’m not wrong, and it’s only 1calorie per spray! Usually I spray less than 5times! haha.
U know how all this small little changes can make a difference to your calorie intake?!

You can find it at cold storage, GO BUY ONE AND TRY AND UPDATE ME! =D