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16weeks of internship, 1 week down. Can you believe I eat chocolates everyday after lunch? I think Im going to gain a few pounds working. LOL! or mayhaps my face will rot. :/

I got no comment on internship because I’m not supposed to lol. But I wanna say I didn’t know

Tanjong Pagar

crowd is so crazy! Most of the time during lunch are being spent on finding seats in the hawker/food courts.

But good thing is I’m able to meet Mr tey for lunch! Also I met Shiella sissy on friday after work! She’s so sweet that I feel bad LOL.

For the first week I went to

Amoy Street Food Center


Tg Pagar Plaza

! I liked the porridge at Amoy, aiya should have took a photo the other time I ate. nevermind next time. Over at Tg Pagar Plaza, I TRIED


FOR THE FIRST TIME! why is it so shiok!!!

it’s on the 2nd floor at TG PAGAR PLAZA, The stall that I ordered from sell at $2. there’s another stall which sell $1.50.

really damn shiok, auntie is very generous with the serving, omg i need to control hahaha!

And so on friday I met shiella!! I remembered she worked very near me, so we meet up for dinner, also I learned something new about her, she doesn’t like soups!! And im super paiseh because we dine at soup spoon.  LOL!

When I met her, she pass me this!

i got a shock literally because she actually bought mooncakes for me and simon! how sweeet!! it was a surprise!




I tried the green one, and I still can’t figure out the flavour, and I love the brown mooncakes! =D
Thank you shiella!! =D I really appreciate the thoughts =DD

Talk about soup spoon, talk about healthy eating mmmm, let’s wait for my next how to lose weight article to be up! =)

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