Heart to Heart Ep3: How I save money.

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Today I’m going to share a little bit more about myself. I don’t really talk about myself in my blog. I never really talk about my family here, but if you are a avid follower of mine, you know that I don’t celebrate mother and father’s day.

It is dangerous to post about my personal things here because I have a stalker. *give me that emoji face pls that smirk one* ok sorry being lame again.

So anyway just to let you know my life is abit different from other people so the amount of money I saved is also different. Reason why I can save a big portion of my salary is cos I don’t need to give my parents allowance. Don’t label me as unfilial because you don’t know the story. 🙂

I stay with my grandmother and she understands that I need to save for wedding, housing and school. So it’s only during bonus time or times when I feel that I have extra income then I will give her allowance. Another reason why she can unds this is cos technically I hve been supporting myself since 16.

The reason I wrote this post because I read an article recently and it’s about saving 100k before 30s. So I did a calculation base on 3000SGD/mth salary (fresh grad est.) and I thought it could be possible. (I think it’s impossible if I have kids, but it also depends on how much my salary will be in the future)

When I was still working (I just quit), I saved about 70% of my monthly salary. I know some or many of you can’t afford to save this percentage because you are married, and if you have kids, then it’s even out of the question.
I know my real commitments haven start yet, so please don’t slam me because I’m just trying to share how I save because people wants to know how I can pay for school, save for wedding and housing.

So let claire share her story with you…..

When I’m working I bring my own lunch, and it’s cook by my grandmother, so lunch wise, I don’t need to spend a single cent unless I want to eat more. I do spend money buying fruits daily, but that doesn’t sum up to alot.

For my skincare I buy once every 6months. For my makeup maybe twice or thrice every 3months.

Other than that the standard expenses are on transportation, bills and cpf education loan.

Shopping wise, I only shop when I’m stress, it’s only when I started school I start to shop more. Cos i’m you know.. stressss.. lol.

And of course I don’t need to talk about those special occasions lah, cos it doesn’t happen everyday.

And when I go out with Simon, sometimes I treat sometimes he treat. (most of the time him) We know that I want to save alot of money so we don’t usually go expensive places to eat. Most of the time we go coffee shops and hawker centers and he pay for my food and drinks. You can say that this is the advantage being a girl because guy pays for her. But really I’m not that kind of girl that leech on guys. I don’t need to explain to you la lol as long as Simon knows. hahhaa.

I spend more on school days though cos I have to settle my own dinner, so this makes me super sian.

And most importantly I seldom go out, I don’t drink and I don’t party. So any remaining money that I have for the month all go to my bank, and it doesn’t really go to my bank because at the end of the day it goes to the wedding and housing fund, the education fees and etc and etc..


So now I’m at home, I already know I won’t spend much. I don’t really spend because there’s really nothing much to buy, food wise, I usually just get bread for breakfast because my grandmother cooks lunch and dinner.

Don’t think this is easy by the way, I can get really obsessed when it comes to saving money.. to the extent of being depressed. There are times when I really want to spend but I force myself not to. And I used to be crazy like noting down every single cent I spent. Super cray.. Reason why I’m so fixated on saving money because I know I’m still at the stage whereby my commitment is still minimal, but when I have kids, it will be a whole lot of a different story. And I hate taking loans, this makes me super upset.

Simon blogs about taking loans before, I know most of the people here does that, but I just don’t want to. There are people who prefer a normal fairly comfortable life but every month they are actually paying off debts, but I am the kind of person who rather suffer on a daily basis and feed my bank.

Different people different thinking ya..

So now you know how I save money. lol. I can only say if you have no or minimal commitments, please take the chance to save more money. I am a firm believer in suffer first, enjoy later.