[Simonseries] I’m really bad with ‘administrative’ stuff. Thats why I failed my previous job.


I remember after I left my temp job at Singtel (where I met Ms Claire), I was jobless for close to a month. I had no savings after NS and by then I was almost out of the means to feed myself. I was spamming job applications on a daily basis, really desperate to get myself a new job to feed my tummy.

Then I finally got a response from a local medical institution, rather well known and stigmatised at the same time. But who cares, its close to where I stay and I get a real, full time, decent job. I pounced on it without much consideration.

I’m not really sure why but I seem to get the job everytime they gave me a chance to be interviewed. Maybe because I’m always honest with the inteviewers? I thought its kinda stupid to be too honest but I really didn’t care, they should know how I’m like so they can really consider my suitability right? Anyways I got it and being really grateful to finally have a job, I promised myself to work really hard at it. I am an admin assistant.

But you see, I’m very bad with communication between other people, even people who knew me very well sometimes don’t understand what I was trying to say (next time I must teach my kids properly so they won’t end up like me). So my supervisors start to assume, and sometimes they got it wrong but I just let them think they’re right. At first I thought it was alright, I can get by like this. But as time passes I started to get a little depressed, in the army I was one of the elites (or so they say), but out in the civil world I can’t even meet my supervisor’s expectations and they don’t even know what I was talking about.

As an admin assistant, there are lots of miscellaneous but necessary tasks to do, but you see, I hate communicating with people I don’t really know even for work. So whatever I do, there is no follow-through. When things are not completed, I can’t troubleshoot it with my own hands (which is my forte), because its someone else’s job. All that is needed of me is just to call or send emails to request something, remind someone, make sure things are done. Sounds simple? But I can’t do it well… Whatever the department needs, I always feel that it’s better for me to do it myself. I am a really handson person, if I want something, mostly I wanna do it myself. If not I don’t want it anymore.

So in the end, I start to get burn out even though I haven’t done much for the department. And having no peer to talk to I slowly got more withdrawn within my little snail shell like a teenie weenie hermit that i am. My supervisors really couldn’t rely on me, and I hate that fact. Then when its a month before I have to renew my contract, they told me (nicely of course, they were really nice people) that I should start to look for a new job. They allowed me to job hunt during office hours and I’m really grateful to them, they even helped me ask their friends whether are there any job openings for me. No more admin work for me though, die also don’t wanna do admin. So my 1 year ended like that, kena ‘sacked’ in the nicest way. But they told me to just say I didn’t want to continue my contract instead of they didn’t wanna continue my contract in my next interview. Such nice bosses hard to find sial.

The job hunt continued for a month or more, and I went back into poverty… Claire was still working at that time and I went as far as borrowing money from her I think. Such a shame! I am sort of a male chauvinist you know! I should be the breadwinner not begging for help!

But alas, I got called up to another hospital, and thats where I stayed on till now. Its a diagnostic lab and alot of things are done manually. TOTALLY SUITS ME! Its like throwing a mudskipper into mud, erm.. or a shark into a pool full of oblivious swimmers. 如鱼得水. Oh my goodness I let my ah tiong-ness show. LOL. I hate constant supervision, which will make me nervous and I will screw up. I very shy one. Lol.


Although the culture over here is drastically different from the previous place. Its much bigger, every colleague is my peer (we all do the same things). But in every workplace there will always be people who you don’t really get along with. Like people who puts people down to make them look “superior”. People who spread negative rumours to your bosses, or always ready to tell on you whenever you made a mistake. Not that I’m holy like a saint lah but yeah you get the idea. We can’t choose our boss as well. So we gotta weigh the pros and cons, and see if we can take it at all. Sometimes a group of like minded friends is all you ever need to survive in this war.

Stay alive people,