[Simonseries] Living with Claire Ep5: To argue with a girl is like punching yourself in the face.

Hi guys,

Don’t you guys feel the same too? We always lose in an arguement with our partner. During a quarrel with the other one, even when you think you are right, even when you ARE right, even when you laid out all the facts and proved that you’re right, you’re wrong. When you’re out on the streets, both of you started quarrelling. It doesn’t matter who is right or wrong, once she walk away leaving you standing there like a dumbass, or the moment she cries, you’re a criminal.

Thats why fellow males, why do we even bother quarrelling? Sometimes ah these women just wanna vent their frustration at someone. And sadly, we happened to be the easiest target. We’re always there, and no matter what kind of shit they throw at us, we bounce back when they show a little appreciation, small price to pay for a forever-there-for-you-punching-bag eh? Damn it this made me sound cheap.

Ok lah she knows that sometimes shes at fault. But that doesnt mean its ok to stab a person first and say sorry after that. Sorry loh the damage is already done!

Sigh… sometimes I feel that ‘love’ this thing ah, very shag leh.. so much sacrifice loh… but then I really very cheap leh. I really enjoy the times when she show those very welcomed appreciation towards me. So much so that I actually think that enduring her moodswings is worth it. Lol! So… maybe I really need to get used to the ‘abuse’. And sometimes after enduring all these, I would one shot unleash my fury. And that felt really good too, like revenge. Heh heh 🙂

 photo 2014-08-19 07.51.26 3_zps7vlnx9da.jpg
LOL this pic shows her slightly forced smile, coz I screwd up my shots so I keep asking her to go back and pose. This must be the 4th time she went back, and I got scolded after that hahaha! 😀

There are also a lot of times when she will ask me to run errands for her. And this girl really don’t know how to show appreciation one leh. I mean she will gimme that puppy-eyed look only. So is it she appreciates my efforts? Or she just looking at me blankly? So I will ask her, but cannot ask one because the more you ask the more she show you that ‘you can always say no to my requests what’ (as if I can say no to her). Although I know all her patterns lah, that she doesn’t show it but she is grateful for what people does for her. But I wanna hear the coveted ‘words of appreciation’ mah, grant me that wish lah. Everyone likes to hear that mah duh. Hais thats why I say very shag hahaha!

 photo _jpeg IMG_0074_zpstjfgbohs.jpg
one of those times when she is really angsty and whiny...

But after all that I said here, whats important is whether she’s really worth your effort. Despite all the troubles, end of the day I know how she feels about me, so I think its all worthwhile. So if you think shes worth it, stay…. strong…….

Simon åĻģåĨ´ (lit. Wife-slave)