[Simonseries] Hi guys, I’m away on my annual ICT(in-camp training)


I’m attending my ICT currently. Training to better defend the nation. We sweat a lot, and maybe bleed a little, and feel how out of shape we’ve become and how fast our age is catching up with us. Some of you may say I’m still young, but I can really feel the difference in my body between now and 5 years ago.

When I was just a litle bit younger, when my body complain cannot, I can push it over its limit. But now when my body complain, I push a bit only and it will fall to pieces… been through a wrist TFCC ligament repair surgery and still recovering from it, just because I knock it against a door. No wonder Claire always say I’m made of paper. Sigh…

Besides that nowadays I’m starting to exhibit gastric problems, probably from all the junks I eat. My right knee hurts, doctor says I might have over used it and the cartilage in my knee joints are worn out. My bunions have always been giving me problems since young but now the outer toe joints have painful bursitis, its like 2-hit combo… On top of all these I’m starting to have gout as well. My body is messed up.

I kinda missed my youthful energy, I was quite reckless during my NS days, I’m always like that, when I slack, I really slack like a slug. When I chiong, I chiong like a berserker. Back in the army my friends calls me psycho, maybe also because I’m psycho in all the wrong ways as well.. But now at this age, even though I’m only just reaching 30 yrs old, its just not the same anymore, even if I can muster the energy, I can’t do it lest my body break like rock on glass…

 photo 2014-09-26 11.17.52 1_zpsvkyzy38e.jpg

No more warrior Simon, its paper Simon now.

No wonder adults always think before they act, because we just became glass.

Paper Simon