Heart to Heart Ep 2- Why buy followers

It’s just a short post today. Whenever I post this heart to heart post means I’m going to start ranting and whining like a old hag. LOL!! No la It’s just I’m puzzled and irritated. Anyway back to topic..

Lately I talk to a friend, she told me there are some bloggers who buy followers for facebook and instagram. The only thing that we can think of is people are starting to get so competitive that they are starting to buy followers to give the impression that they are popular so that they can get more PR people to approach them for collaboration, sponsorship and advertorials. She never tell me who are these people so I’m just writing this post in general.

You can even buy likes for contest omg.

When I got to know about this, I was kinda shocked, not very very shock but shock and maybe abit disgusted. ok i just mindf u? So anyway, I know many want to be popular because they get to get more advertorials, get to collab with big brands and maybe one day you will be able to just sit at home and just blog for a living. (I thought of this long ago too) BUT isn’t this suppose to be based on hard work and efforts? And to think about it, the ones who are popular now did not expect themselves to be popular in the first place. For some reason people just like their attitude and personality.

If people like you they like you, they follow you and like your photos willingly, what’s the point of buying followers when maybe most of them are not interested in whatever you are posting.

I feel that people should just slow down and just focus on why they create a blog in the first place. Maybe they create a blog to be popular then I have nothing to say, but if you created it to share your life, beauty tips and lifestyle hacks then you should stay focus on that.

Whatever I’m doing now is because I enjoy it. Even if nobody reads or watch, I still enjoy it because it is my hobby. And to be honest, I’m scared to be popular, because people will start to step into my life and pick on small little things and start to hate me which is very sad.

I get alot of nasty comments when I appeared on yahoo news that year, for some reason people that don’t know me can say I fake it can say I just want people to visit my blog. But I did not approach yahoo to feature me ok, WTF.

Okay this post is done, I said it’s short. 🙂

With love,

Not targeting anyone here really. Maybe people buy followers and likes for a reason, there’s always a reason behind every action, seems like I’m slapping myself again. haiz.. kk whatever i say bye!