[Simonseries] Hobbies Bobby Ep7: Fun Analog Photography, have fun screwing up.

Hello again to another of my hobby series.

I just finished a roll of 35mm film recently and was really excited to get it developed, just to see how are my shots. I use a 2nd? 3rd? 4th 5th dunno-how-many-hands Pentax Super Program with a 50mm f1.4 or 135mm f3.5 as my analog kit, got them all from ebay so I don’t know its history, just that I was lucky its in a rather ok working conditon. Really love the weight and feel of them (even though I need to unscrew my brain to get used to the focusing ring as Pentax lenses turns in the opposite direction of my Canon lenses..).

I’m even more excited with developing because I decided to put in a little more effort when shooting off these 36 frames. And after I got them back, I realised that the more effort we put in doing something, the more satisfaction we get back from the results. 😉

Provided the results were satisfactory of course.

Ok to say the truth, there were some ‘missed’ shots. ‘Missed’ as in me accidentally pressing the shutter, me forgetting to lock the shutter button and fired it off in my bag (I call this pocket shooting. Hmm sounds a bit wrong..), me forgetting to check the shutter speed and shot hand held with a slow shutter speed. I think I wasted like 10 frames like that. Sigh.

So in the end, out of the 26 shots left, theres only about 7 shots that met my expectations. Kinda low yield 7 out of a 36 frame roll…

 photo 20140909164401_IMG_0788_zpszepspro1.jpg

And as usual, my favourite one is what I would call an ‘under-shot’ of some rain tree leaves. Why would I call it an ‘under-shot’? Thats because I shot that frame standing directly under the tree. I would try to spot a geometric pattern out of the myriad of patterns that is the tree canopy and frame it against the clear sky. But most times I go with my intuition, that happens to be how I waste frames. Hahaha anyhow shoot.

 photo 20140909164529_IMG_0790_zpsxsu5oqor.jpg

Well anyways its really fun to shoot analog instead as it really helps me think through my shots instead of just firing off the shutters randomly without using my brain, makes us less creative like this.

 photo 20140909164748_IMG_0793_zpsoykpez3o.jpg

By the way I’m looking to try out analog medium format to further slow down the image creation process. Medium format film is expensive compared to normal 35mm film, and its got only 10-12 frames on each roll of film. This makes each frame that much more precious! And thats why the stingy me will be even more careful making pics with it. Good mah right? (Please comment that its good, I can’t convince Claire to let me buy..)

Well keep shooting (and thanks in advance for commenting) 😀

[Hello if you are new to my/our space, Sseries stands for Simonseries where my husband-to-be (or already is if you see this in 2015) blog about himself and …. me??]