My TOP 5 Bold Phantasies – Skinny Dipping to start with!

One of my earlier posts I talked about being a strong woman, and I personally think that for one to be strong, you need to be both physically and mentally strong. Some examples would be these TOP 5 activities (and additional 2more) that I’ve always wanted to challenge myself! In order to complete the tasks, you must have the strength and also the GUTS to do it!

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I remember once I fell badly during ice skating and I dun even want to mention roller blading! I’m just totally bad with wheels.. =/ so in order to prove that I can excel in other activities, the following activities will be my KPI of the year..! 😛

First on the list!
1.Skinny dipping with friends or partner

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Of cos I cannot do this in SG beach! I do not want to be STOMPed or FINEd….

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How can I forget about Skinny dipping with my loved ones?! It’s A MUST have for every couple?? Well.. at least once? =P

2. Engaging with a wild animal/dangerous animal
Seriously who in the right mind will do that right? May sound really crazy to be risking your life, but I really salute those who worked with wild life! Passion has already made them overcome human’s greatest fear.

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3.Sky Diving
PS: I bet my hair will be damn messy during and after this! hahaha!

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4. Paragliding

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5. Bungee Jumping

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6. Wakeboarding

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And last racing!

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¾ of her face are covered but still can be so CHIO. Who says females can’t drive/race huh?!?

The one that I wanted to do most would be jumping off the plane from a height of 10,0000FT! Sky diving is insanely crazy, definitely with risks but that’s okay cause it is too exciting!
What about yours? Share with me! Maybe we can do it together!

Unfortunately, as much as I want to do this, I don’t think I will be able to do this anytime soon or even some of it in my lifetime, but at least I can do them virtually right?! For example, playing games that contained those adventures? Even though it’s not in reality, but at least I feel the anxiety while playing which everyone experienced it while gaming! It will be an awesome cheap thrill at the same time fulfilling my bold fantasies!

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So thank you Lactacyd for coming up with this game, the “Bold Phantasies” which will be launched on April 10th which is tomorrow!! is already LAUNCHED!

Go to and start playing!

I can’t wait for the Facebook game to launch and win it! (Yes correct! There will be prizes!). Don’t you want to find out what are the prizes? I want to!
Do stay tuned to my page for more updates about Bold Phantasies, I want you to be a winner and do what you’ve always wanted to do! 🙂

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I am empowered and so are you! We are gifted, we are strong, we are confident, we are charming and most importantly, we think and act like a QUEEN!

*Photos are not originated from or by me, it’s randomly googled in google images. Same applies for youtube videos.