Wedding Planning Ep1 – The proper planning starts now!

Let’s have a proper post on this! 🙂

Mine would be a small scale event at Sentosa and I was looking through my proposal photos a few years back and realized that the proposal was also at Sentosa! hahaha, so actually having my wedding lunch at Sentosa is a good idea too. 😀

Did I ever actually blog about the proposal before? Seriously I can’t even remember but it had been some time back..
let me share some of the photos from the proposal then. hahaha. no face needed, because I look super cui. I probably blog about this before joining MFP? Seriously can’t remember. omg.

 photo 20110212-SimonProposal11_zpsbd9efed2.jpg
These are the saga seeds that he spent days at AMK park collecting, and getting lots of antbites! photo 20110212-SimonProposal82_zpsb01d35f1.jpg
This is the banner that he sewed and made himself, it was supposed to roll down with a pull but I remembered something went wrong that day. HAHA.

and next you know la, shocked, crying, say yes, kiss and hug and tada, engaged. LOL

 photo 20110212-SimonProposal119_zps9e17256f.jpg

Wedding planning is so much fun because I get to get involved! I can think of different ways to make my wedding more interesting, be it activities or decoration.
I’m more to the decor part because I’m such an asshole that I want everything to be perfect, and he’s more to the design and logistics? LOL.

So.. even though small scale may seem that there’s nothing much to talk and think about, there are actually quite a bit of stuffs that we have to look into.
And since venue is settled, the remaining would be:

1) Wedding bands
2) Wedding dress, veil, heels, suit, bouquet
3) Glass pavilion setup, restaurant setup (venue decoration)
4) Wedding invitation cards
5) Photobooth items, backdrop
6) Pre-wedding casual shoot
7) Wedding videography and photography
Before I go on, this is the venue!

 photo rm2aug-1421_zps9ab6e133.jpg

I got this image from as I dun have a nice photo and she is one of the few who posted a decent pic of the glass pavilion.

This will be the place where we will do our ROM then proceed to lunch.
I like this pavilion alot because it is surrounded by greens, I just hope that it doesn’t rain!!

Wedding Bands

For wedding bands wise, we custom made a pair of titanium rings with etchings and sapphire from They are still doing it and I think we will receive them soon!

Wedding Dress

I custom made my dress with Doris, she has super good reviews from friends and on forums, I do trust her and I will be going for fitting this coming weekend! Pretty excited, I can’t wait to show u the dress if it goes well! It should be something casual but I can’t help but to custom made something more formal. well… hahhaa once a lifetime, I hope it turns out gorgeous and fits me nicely!

I intend to buy veil or some hair accessories via because it’s quite affordable and I saw a few that can matched my dress.


Previously we are troubled because of the photobooth setup, but I just bought a backdrop last weekend from and I’m waiting for it to reach me before I decide if it’s appropriate or not. Then I will show it to you ok! Maybe do a vlog on the items haha sound fun..
We also have the items needed for the photobooth, but anyway for props, we can just DIY or just buy from so dun need to worry too much..That’s why i love etsy!

Wedding Invitation Cards

Because using the normal wedding cards are too mainstream, we decided to diy our cards! Wedding cards also a problem because we need the hotel’s invitation cards for the carpark coupons. -_- this one we are still thinking, shall update again!

So most of the items are pretty sum up except for the wedding photoshoot (casual), actual day photography which we might be engaging andritei! Shall meet him in May first and see how it goes, and if you have good and affordable photographers and videographers to recommend pls drop a comment! :):)  

Simon and Me will be meeting this coming May too and hopefully we get some things kicking! 😀

I guess this coming May and June, my blog will look more interesting? haha. I can’t wait to blog and vlog about these stuffs soon! See ya guys!

With love, claire