Visualise a new YOU

Some interesting articles/reads for you if you want to know more about PS!

You can go to to check out how our nose structure is like ( for me I choose to know more about rhinoplasty ) then they will show how the different parts of the nose contribute to the overall appearance of the nose.

I think the eyes one are pretty interesting too!

a3 photo rhino2_zps31f49de7.jpg

a4 photo rhino3_zpsd50eb0af.jpg

 photo eyelid1_zpsac980fef.jpg

Then next would be this ->

It acts like a photoshop software, for you to visualize how you look like with sharper nose and bigger eyes or v shape chin! I took one of my photo, edited it and because of my noob skills, it turn out kinda eerie. HAHA.

 photo mfpbloggermodified_after_zps14000753.jpg

You can try it too! Visualize how you would look like with different features! πŸ˜€

a1 photo facetouchup_zps9bddeefe.jpg

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